Selecting the Different Types of Exhibition Furniture that You Need

2nd December 2009

The selection of exhibition furniture is very important.

This is where the pieces that you want to display will be placed, and just any

type or style of furniture will not do if you want to portray your piece in the

best possible way. Below are some things that you need to consider when

selecting the display furnishings that you require.

  • Will

    you have literature? There is special furnishing available to display

    literature about your products or services. Some of these have lighting

    features, and some do not, and there are options to suit every style as

    well. You also must consider whether your literature would be better if it

    is placed flat on a display table with one of your display pieces.

  • How

    much room do you have for exhibition furniture? Often, you will have to be

    very choosey about the furnishings that you select since space will

    usually be very limited. In some spaces, tall and skinny will be needed

    over wide and fat. Make sure that you have the information regarding the

    space that you need, in terms of floor space, wall space, and ceiling


  • What

    is the size and weight of your display pieces? Display furnishings won’t

    do you any good if they are not the right size for your pieces, and they

    are especially useless if they cannot support the weight of your pieces.

    Make sure that the furniture works for the pieces it will be used to


  • Will

    the style of the exhibition furniture work in the venue where it will be

    used? You not only have to worry about whether the style of the

    furnishings work for the style of the piece that will be on display, but

    also whether the style of the furniture will work in the venues where it

    will be used. Sometimes it doesn’t, and the only thing that you can do is

    to arrange and decorate your allotted space to make all of the items and

    furnishing in that particular space all work together.

  • Do

    you need security features for your display pieces? There are many options

    for this type of furniture that will make your pieces more secure. For

    example, you can get display tables and shelves that have glass doors on

    them that lock. Some furnishings even allow for the presence of cables and

    locks as well. Do you need security? How valuable are your display pieces?

    How risky is the venue? Risk isn’t the only thing to consider here, in

    terms of theft. You must also consider the space and how people will move

    around in it. Could the display table be bumped? If that happens, will

    your display piece fall on the ground and shatter?

Again, choosing the exhibition furniture that you will use

to display your pieces is very important. You never want the display

furnishings to take precedence over the display piece, and if you choose the

wrong furnishing, this could easily happen. Furthermore, you need to make sure

that the style of the furnishings match the style of the piece, and that it

works well in the venue where you will be as well.