03rd December 2009

Selecting the Right Type of Stacking Chairs for Your Event

The stacking chairs that you choose for your event will depend on numerous factors.


stacking chairs that you choose for your event will depend on numerous factors.

Is your event indoors or outdoors? Is the event more elegant in nature or less

formal? How exactly are they going to be used, and how long will people be

expected to sit in these chairs? Each of these questions matter a great deal.

The information below will give you information about the different types of

this furniture that are available.

  • Wooden Chairs – can be very

    stylish, but they can also be very heavy. The surface material can also be

    very rough if it isn’t finished properly, and this could easily snag

    clothing. With the right finish, however, can be ideal, since they

    actually create a warmer ambiance. They will likely be your most expensive

    choice, but this is the choice if you don’t want a cold, sterile room.

  • Metal Stacking Chairs – Metal

    is a good choice, as it is typically quite smooth. However, often metal is

    seen as ‘cold.’ Choosing a metal piece is appropriate if you do not

    require an air of warmth or cosiness at your event. Metal is also quite

    sturdy, and you won’t usually have to worry about these chairs collapsing

    under the weight of a person, or bending with use. These are typically the

    second most expensive choice.

  • Aluminium Chairs – are not

    usually very strong or sturdy. They bend easy, and they are prone to

    getting dings fairly easy as well. However, they do have their place, and

    among the various chair choices, these are often the least expensive. Like

    other types, aluminium chairs are usually available in a limited number of


  • Folding Stacking Chairs – that

    stack may seem ideal, as they can be stacked or folded, but they can also

    be uncomfortable. They can be made of wood, metal, or aluminium, and their

    price is determined by the material that is used. If the chairs fold, make

    sure that the parts of it won’t pinch those who are sitting in them.

Once you’ve

determined the type of chairs that you require, you will have to determine whether

your company is better of by renting or purchasing them. There are benefits and

advantages to both options, but in the case of the ones that do not fold flat –

you strongly need to consider how and where the items will be stored if you

purchase them outright. Leasing is always a good option, especially for

one-time events.

As you can see, there really are many things to

consider when it comes to selecting and obtaining stacking chairs for your

event. Make sure that you consider everything before making that selection, so

that you do end up with the right chairs for your event. Consider how you want

your space to look when selecting exhibition furniture for an event, because while there may

be other focal points in the room, the chair that one sits in does get direct

attention from those sitting in them.