Should You Get an Extending Table or a Conference Table?

3rd December 2009

If you have

a conference room, and you are looking at purchasing or leasing a table for the

room, you should realize that you don’t necessarily have to purchase or lease actual

conference furniture. You can instead opt for an extending table, which is

actually a great deal cheaper, and usually has more viable uses.


conference furniture pieces look very nice, they are very expensive, and there

are some disadvantages when you compare them to other types of furniture. For

example, conference tables do not extend – the size that you purchase or lease

is the size that you are stuck with. If the conference table is large, and you

only have a few people at a meeting, this can be very uncomfortable.


extending table can look almost exactly like a conference table, with one

exception. The table has leaves that can be added or removed. When a leaf is

removed from the table, the other two ends of the piece slide together, making

it smaller. If you need more space, you can replace the leaf. Many tables such

as this actually have two or three leaves, allowing for several different


This part

of furniture can be used in a variety of ways. As mentioned, when you have a

small group, you can change the size of the table for more comfort or cosiness.

If you have a larger group, you can insert the leaves to make it bigger –

giving everyone plenty of room. These tables can also be easily moved by

removing the leaves and resizing the table. You can also unscrew the legs of it

making it totally portable if you need to take it on the move.

The cost of

an extending table is very low when compared to that of a conference table, and

your clients won’t even give a second thought to the fact that it isn’t a

traditional one because it looks like one. If the cost of a conference table is

out of your reach, this is definitely a viable alternative. These types of

tables can also be either leased or purchased, but due to the much lower cost,

you probably won’t have any trouble with a purchase – even with a tight budget.

Also, because of the portability factor, you are actually getting more for your



extending table really can be a good option for many businesses. There are a

wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes available so you can definitely

find the one that suits your needs and works with your additional décor or colour

scheme. These furniture pieces are even available in a wide range of shapes as


Since you

will also need chairs for your event or conference, you might want to check

into ensembles that include the whole set, as well as additional conference

room furnishings. When you purchase or lease a package ensemble, the cost per

piece is usually much lower. Before making a choice, carefully consider the