03rd December 2009

Should You Provide Your Own Portable Exhibition Table?

If you are attending an event, such as a trade show or seminar, the venue may not have the portable exhibition table that you need.

If you are attending an event, such as a trade show or

seminar, the venue may not have the portable exhibition table that you need. In

this event, you may need to supply your own table, but this is something that

you may want to do anyway. Often, if the venue does supply the table, there is

an extra charge for it, or the table may be in poor condition. Let’s take a

look at the various benefits of supplying your own table for the event.

  • You

    are not subjected to damage done by past users of the furnishings. When

    someone doesn’t own something, they don’t take nearly as good of care of

    it. Others have used the tables provided by the venue, and the table may

    no longer be suitable for the impression that you want to give future

    clients or customers.

  • If

    you own a portable exhibition table, you will always have one when you

    need it, without having to spend more money to rent one. Again, often

    venues charge more if they have to supply anything other than space, and

    the charges are usually quite unreasonable. These tables fold for easy

    storage when they are not in use, and they are typically very easy to

    transport from one location to another.

  • You

    will not be subjected to the sizes that are available at the venue for

    your table. When you supply and bring your own, you can bring the size and

    shape that you require. Often, these venues only have the cheapest tables

    available, and consider them ‘one size fits all.’ You can bring your own

    display system, with as many tables as you require, in the sizes that you


  • The

    venue may have very rigid rules and regulations about how you use and

    decorate the portable exhibition table that they provide. If you bring

    your own, however, you are not subject to those rules and regulations,

    allowing you to decorate the table using any materials that you desire.

    However, they often impose these rules to try to prevent damage to the

    table, but if you own your table or tables, you won’t have to worry about

    extreme decorating designed to hide the condition of the table.

  • Often

    the display system that is provided by the venue is cheap and tacky – and

    there is little that you can do about it regardless of the decorating that

    you can do. Wobbly tables are common, and the table could be so worn out

    that it collapses during the event. Worse, you won’t even know what shape

    the furnishings are in until right before the event starts. You can avoid

    this by providing your own display system, and ensuring that it is in good

    condition before the event.


you can see, there are many reasons to supply your own portable exhibition

table, and because these tables can be leased or purchased, and they are

relatively inexpensive, if you will be attending trade shows or seminars

regularly, it may be well worth it to own and supply your own.