16th April 2010

Sidewinder Banner Stand Helps You Dominate Your Next Trade Show Or Exhibition

This articles will give you a few insights as to how a sidewinder banner stand could possibly help you in dominating the next trade show your company represents itself at.

This articles will give you a few insights as to how a sidewinder

banner stand could possibly help you in dominating the next trade show

your company represents itself at. The problem with trade shows and

other exhibits is that they represent a double edged situation. On the

one hand, there is a far vaster density of customers and potential

customers at these events than you would meet up with in the course of

any other event.

Customers are naturally attracted to these events, because any customer

with common sense is always searching for the best possible deal, and

as such, will ensure that he or she is present at these event to

examine options. This attitude on the part of the customers represents

a considerable opportunity, of course – every trade event is an

opportunity to pick up more customers.

But it also represents a threat, because with each of your competitors

represented, the chance of losing out on potential customers is great

indeed. So of course you need to have a superb exhibition, perhaps

enhanced with the latest sidewinder banner stand. Because if you do not

make this effort, your competition will. Each competitor understands

the opportunities and risks represented by a trade show, and each

organisation comes to a show determined to outdo its competitors.

This is not necessarily a bad thing – after all, it is this competitive

instinct that keeps a business dynamic and growing. All you have to do

to dominate a trade show is to ensure that your competitive instincts

are better developed than your competitors. You need to develop

strategies that approach marketing your company at a trade show on

several different levels and to develop a fine tuned approach at each


For example, you need to attract customers to your exhibit from a

distance – the best way to do this is with a sidewinder banner stand.

But of course that is hardly the only approach – you need to bolster it

with the help of dedicated sales people that you scatter all over the

exhibition area, who will actively approach and engage potential

customers, hand out promotional leaflets and of course, direct them

towards your banner and your exhibit. This magnifies the 'distance

marketing' that your banner stand represents.

After all, it's hardly any use to have a beautiful exhibit at such an

event if you cannot – or do not – ensure that most of the customers at

the event visit it at least once. Remember though that this 'distance

marketing' will hardly be effective without an attractive sidewinder

banner stand that your people can direct customers towards.

And that is only one level of your marketing strategy – then, when

customers actually approach your exhibit, you need to ensure that they

are impressed by it. Again, this is done on several levels. First, you

ensure that you exhibit stand is itself something worth seeing –

perhaps a custom designed piece that is truly original and worth seeing

and which will catch a customer's eye.

Then you need to make this even more attractive – this can easily be

done using smaller banner stands that can showcase your different

products, and even your company profile and ethos. Use good design

combined with a sidewinder banner stand or two, to make things

attractive as well as informative – engage the customer's mind on

different levels, and so make your marketing effort a rousing success.