Sidewinder Banner Stand: if you respect traditions and trust only proven techniques

19th March 2010

The effectiveness of banner stands is well known, that is why almost every business owner tries to get one for presenting his or her company at a trade show, exhibition or fair. New models of stands appear almost every day, offering more and more advantages for your promotional campaign.

But there are also banners which have been around for a long time, proving over and over again their usefulness and convenience in use. If you prefer simple and reliable things, if you respect traditions and trust only proven techniques, there is no need to browse the endless catalogues and internet pages -- just opt for a sidewinder banner stand.

This kind of stand is manufactured in a wide range of sizes, so you can get exactly what you need for your presentation. There is a also a choice between a single and double sided stands – of course the second option is more productive as it provides 360 degrees visibility for your potential clients. It is also widely used for outdoor displays – it is very convenient to put a double sided stand at the roadside so the pedestrians from both directions cab see your advertisement. It will also do exceptionally well in a waiting hall or a shopping centre. However, if you are sure that your presentation will be arranged in a way when only one side of your stand is exposed, you should go for a single sided sidewinder banner stand.

These stands are lightweight and flexible, but at the same time reliable sturdy, some extra stability is provided by a wide base. This base is almost hidden by graphics, which extend from its front – it ensures a neat and professional look of your stand.

Usually these stands are supplied with a convenient foam padded bag for carrying and storing – so there is no need to worry about complications with transporting and keeping your banner when it is not used.

Some companies will also offer you their printing services at no additional price. Get your stand laminated and scratch resistant – it will increase the durability of your sidewinder banner stand and make it even more attractive and eye catching.

Also, you can take an advice from a professional designer concerning the artwork. Perhaps you hesitate about the best way to advertise your products and services – a specialist from the exhibition stands manufacturing company you deal with will be happy to discuss your ideas or to suggest his/her own ones.

This kind of banner with its big graphics height (up to two meters and more) is great not only for trade shows, fairs and presentations, but also for being displayed in the hotels lobbies, book stores and even art galleries.

A sidewinder banner stand will provide a modern solution to the advertising needs of your company. At the same time, being available at the market for years and chosen by numerous business owners, these stands will guarantee the safety of your investment into promotional campaign and fast repayment as well.