Simplify Your Work With An Employer Public Liability Insurance

2nd June 2010

If it is impossible to run your

business singlehandedly, obviously you need to hire a certain number of

employees. It simplifies your work and brings diversity of thoughts to your

organisation, but at the same time you can enjoy the benefits of being an employer

only if your business is properly protected. No, of course we are not trying to

prov that an employee is like a vulture who is going to drink all the juices

out of your company, but in case of an accident on your place of business you

will have to pay huge amounts. If your employee is injured because of an

accident, speaking in terms of law it is your fault: you did not provide a safe

working place for a person you hire. Without employer

public liability insurance you will have to pay for calling an ambulance,

hspitalisation, and perhaps even operations. Moreover, you will also have to

pay all the legal fees in case you are obliged to visit a court. If your

business is not very big, these circumstances are more than just unpleasant for

you: they can make you a bankrupt. Do not underestimate the expenses in case of

an accident: they can injure your business and it will take a considerable

period of time to recover. To protect yourself from such situation, and also to

make sure your injured employee's medical bills can be payed, it is advisable

to get employer public liability insurance.

Any business that involves a face to

face contact with employees should be protected by this insurance. Even if your

office is the safest place ever, you should not neglect the chances of an

accident. They happen not only in manufacturing companies and construction

grounds, but also in bookkeepers' offices and translation bureaus. A person may

slip on a wet floor or fall from a stair case. Somebody might get injured by a bookshelf

which wasn't fixed properly or by an unstable exhibition stand. Of course it is

not possible to predict the unpredictable, but at least it is possible to

prevent the unpleasant consequences of this unpredictable. Contact your

consultant and find out the details of getting employer

public liability insurance in your place.

Usually you have to get ready to go

through a list of questions and provide the necessary information in order to

get it. The questions normally include the ones about your type of business,

the number of your employees, their working experience, the amount of coverage

you expect in case of an accident and so on. Online quote will help you to have

a closer look at these questions and to define the coverage you might require.

Check out a few companies: their terms

and prices will be different. Choose the one which suits you best, and try to

overcome the temptation of getting the cheapest employer

public liability insurance. It is not

necessarily the best. It might be challenging to get this insurance if your

business involves some risky activities, but it is still possible – just keep


This type of insurance will

come very much in handy, even if you consider it an unnecessary expense.

Obviously it is better to spend a few dozens pounds in advance than to pay

massive bills afterwards.