Single Event Public Liability Insurance Providers Can Cover Events of All Sizes

29th June 2010

Your single event public liability insurance provider can help you

get million pounds levels of cover, against all the eventualities by

taking into account all your insurance needs. This cover would pay the

legal costs incurred in defending proceedings arising as a result of

accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to an individual or the

property. It may even cover you as the group if it is required to pay

compensation and legal costs regarding a claim that is made against the

group, which includes personal injury or property damage. It is however

really important to know about what the exclusions are before you

purchase a particular policy, this will ensure that all your needs are


• Most single event public liability insurance policies offer for

employees against injury, illness or disease caused during the course of

their employment. The premium for these policies depends upon the type

of event as well as the number of people attending your event.

• Damage caused to third party property or persons is covered by this

policy. For example, if a builder or an electrician due to his

negligence causes damage to someone’s property while working on their

premises, then this would result in a claim against him or the company

and this cover will protect him and the company against such claims.

• Single event public liability insurance also relates to damage caused

by products supplied by a company, whether manufactured by the company

or not. You can also purchase differing limits of indemnity. The

exclusions vary between the policies of different insurance brokers or

companies. If you don't let them know about something, you may end up in

trouble. Always make sure to give your insurance company your full

details of everything you perform or do, prior to taking out this


• If a member has caused injury or property damage to another member,

may not necessarily be included in the cover. Therefore, it is always a

good idea to speak to an advisor who will carefully go through

everything for you. If you are required, you must get your policy

extended to get a cover for things like event equipment and

cancellation, postponement, even if you have to pay extra premium for


• This insurance is suitable for anyone considering of organising an

event of some kind. It is recommended for you if you or your committee

are organising just one event or several throughout the year, if you are

attending an event or series of events either exhibiting or if you are

occupying a hall as a group, either just once or for regular monthly

meetings, debating society, whist drives, etc.

Single event public liability insurance is usually not required by law,

but it is a sensible thing to buy it in case anything goes wrong. As an

organisation or individual, it will guard you against claims, for

example if a member of the public decides to take legal action due to an

injury caused during some activity they are involved in.