Single Event Public Liability Insurance Will Protect You Against Claims From Event Visitors

22nd April 2010

Single event public liability insurance is the one that will protect

you from a claim against you by a person attending that event for any

type of liability incident. This type of insurance could pay for your

lost earnings or additional costs whilst you cannot trade helping to

pay your bills, staff, suppliers etc. Some policies will usually

protect you against injuries to event workers and even trespassers who

may get hurt. Indemnity is one of the major principles of this type of

insurance. It states that the policyholder or the insured should not

profit by any claim, but should be put in the same financial position

after a loss as they were immediately before it. 

1. There are many single event public liability insurance providers,

who offer high quality insurance facilities for conference, incentive

companies and many other businesses. Single trip and annual policies

are quite easily available to corporate buyers as well as business

travellers. There are different levels and types of cover available

depending on your requirements.

2. You can quite easily find the keenest prices for all major insurance

products available on the web and can quite confidently expect all of

the prices obtained on this site to be cheaper than any quote that you

get from a bank, building society or insurance broker in the high

street. Some of these companies have partnered with a collection of

brokers and direct insurers to bring those prices direct to you with a

minimum of fuss and bother. A few minutes of obtaining quotes from

these insurers could save you a substantial sum on your assurance


3. If you are arranging a one-off event, a series of events, a musical

concert or an exhibition, then these single event public insurance

brokers can help you with arranging event liability insurance. It may

include legal costs in bringing an action against a third party

relating to a contract that has not been fully met, for example a

supplier did not supply goods to the insured to the required standard

and refuses to rectify the situation. Other costs usally include

solicitors and other legal fees, excluding damages, fines or penalties.

This could be for any single event, or for all events occurring in a

single policy period depending on the type of policy wording

4. There are also some limited forms of covers, usually offered as an

extension to a basic third party only policy which indemnifies the

policyholder for damage caused to other people’s property and injury

that may be caused to others. The additional ‘fire’ and ‘theft’ offers

compensation to the policyholder if the insured property is destroyed

or damaged by fire or theft.

5. You can also get the quotes for event cancellation insurance, event

public liability insurance, event disruption, firework display

insurance as well as event legal liability insurance.

Accidents will always happen, so single event public liability

insurance gives business owners, a peace of mind in order to run their

business events, smoothly without any disruption or problem.