07th January 2010

Special Event Liability Insurance – Being Liable

Something that can ruin a business is a lawsuit.

Something that can ruin a business is a lawsuit. They can arise at the worse times and simply cripple a successful business. Many time these lawsuits come about during or after a convention thrown by a business. Special event liability insurance can cover your business during these perilous times.

Many business leaders know that having the right amount of coverage can be a life saver at exactly the right time. The best businessmen in the world cannot know exactly what will happen when they plan their show but they can plan for the unexpected. The first step in doing that is securing the proper coverage from an underwriter.

A common question when inquiring about special event liability insurance is what kind of show can I have that is covered?  Well here is a list of types of shows that are commonly covered:

● Animal Shows (farm)
● Arts Festivals
● Auctions
● Beauty Pageants
● Concerts (musical shows)
● Consumer Shows (purchasing)
● Conventions (Sci-fi, comic, etc.)
● Crafts Festivals
● Dances
● Exhibitions
● Fairs
● Festivals
● Fundraisers
● Luncheons
● Meetings
● Parties
● Picnics
● Seminars
● Sporting Events

Each of these types of shows has different coverage levels that can be determined by your provider. It is always a good idea to get professional advice from a consultant to help plan the perfect show for your business. One thing that all of the professionals will agree on is that you will certainly need special event liability insurance. Business offering goods or services are sometimes required to have this type of coverage, it is suggested that your business review its’ local laws and legislations before having a show.

Some things that your business may look for when trying to choose a coverage provider are lowest premiums or affordability, low amount of limitations, low amount of exemptions, quick claim coverage, and reliability. No matter how good your policy is it is almost worthless if you cannot get in touch with your provider. The group should professionals that are efficient and looking out for your best interests.

Special event liability insurance can help large or small businesses. Any business can enjoy the benefits of not incurring high cost lawsuits and this type of coverage can protect your business from claims made during your show. It is common that more mistakes and accidents take place at shows then at the home location of a business. The reason is that the employees and attendees are usually unfamiliar with their surroundings.

Whether or not your company decides to do a small, medium, or large show can really depend what type of coverage you are looking for. Policies come in all types of sizes and shapes. Picking which one is right for your business is an important aspect of running a successful business. However when it is time for your show to go on and all of the normal business aspects swamp your mind it is worth noting that special event liability insurance can give you that peace of mind that you need to concentrate and keep a level head.