26th April 2010

Special Event Liability Insurance Should Be Purchased At Least 15 Days Before The Event

You can purchase special event liability insurance policy as early as one year prior to your main event.

You can purchase special event liability insurance policy as early

as one year prior to your main event.  In an ideal scenario, you must

buy it at least fifteen days prior to your event so that you get enough

time to look closely at your coverage documents. When applying for this

insurance plan you must provide proof that you have not been subject to

previous claims made or filed against you. This policy is based on dual

liability coverage: coverage is limited to claims that occur during the

effective period of the policy and are made not later than twelve

months after the expiration of the effective period of the policy. This

type of cover is perfect for an event such as a fair, carnival,

exhibition, fundraising dinner or other event of short duration,

usually lasting ten days or less.

• There are many special

event liability insurance companies, who can offer outstanding

protection for thousands of entertainers and venues such as Concerts,

Festivals, Sporting Events, Television Productions, Live Entertainment,

Music, Broadcasting, Theater, Publishing and Advertising.

You must read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy

carefully before signing it. If you are not happy with any clause, talk

to your insurance company immediately. Once you have sign the agreement

paper of insurance policy, you might not be able to change the terms

and conditions.

• Your insurance broker may find you the

most complete special event liability insurance coverage at the most

competitive price. Policies can also be written on a per-event or

annual basis and that is the reason why some of the biggest events in

the industry trust them for their insurance needs. Your comprehensive

insurance portfolio gives you the ability to combine broad property,

liability, commercial auto, and umbrella coverage.

• The

cover usually includes, if you have to pay compensation to a third

party following accidental bodily injury or damage to their property if

the incident happens during your event.  It is designed for those who

need liability coverage for a one-time event, and is available to

facilities, event planners, and private individuals as well as to other

insurance agents.

• The policy may also give you protection

against, legal and other claim-related expenses, legal defense against

allegations of abuse, assault and misconduct for up to 5% of your

chosen limits as well as legal defense against allegations of

discrimination. The cover is specifically designed to help eliminate

the financial burden one incurs as a result of costly medical bills or

civil litigation.

Your special event liability insurance

plan is specifically suited for the complexity and multiple variants of

the different events and characteristics, for the specific event chosen

of a wide range of events. In today's fast paced society, accidents can

happen anytime, anywhere, while traveling with a business group, going

on holidays with friends and family or while attending the local town

fair. This cover is an easy and affordable solution to protect your

business or organisation if it is held liable for property damage or

bodily injury.