Special Event Liability Insurance to be always sure that your event has enough insurance coverage

2nd March 2010

If you are the type of person who throws lavish parties or different events on a regular basis you may have a need for special event liability insurance. You should always be sure that your event has enough insurance coverage and that your policy is adequate. These policies normally protect a hostess or host against a claim from a guest or staff member for an accident that happened during the party or event. Usually it will cover all different kinds of accidents including, but not limited to, bodily injury that happens to a guest or damage from an alcohol related incident. This coverage has a plan for small to large events, (even family events). You should always be sure to cover any party or event you throw so there will be less tension on you and everyone can just enjoy their time.

There are some factors you should keep in mind when picking out special event liability insurance. These are things that should always be included.

First, make sure it has a public liability clause. This will cover any claim that the guests may have against you. The amount you need is determined by the number of guests attending your party. However, if it is a family event you may not need it.

Next, you should have some type of property insurance included. This will of course depend on the size of the venue for the party. It also will be dependent on the amount the location is worth.

As a host or hostess you should always have employer’s liability insurance. This will protect you in case anything happens to someone that you hire to oversee the event or work at the event. The number of people you hire will most often determine the premium.

Last, but not least, you should always have some type of cancellation insurance. This will protect you from postponement of the event or abandonment of the event because of weather.

The price of special event liability insurance depends on the size and number of guests at the function. However, it can range from a small price to an extremely high price. So if you are looking for this type of insurance it will pay to shop around and find the insurance that works best for you and your needs depending on the event.

There are many individuals out there who put off throwing major parties and charity events simply because of the accidents that could happen and they would have to pay for. Special event liability insurance is a way around that. It will cover you in case something goes wrong and it will allow you to have a fun filled event without all the worry. So do not hesitate or put off throwing event because of the lack of insurance. Start shopping around today and find insurance that works for you and your event. Go ahead, get out there and have a party; but, do not forget to protect yourself and your employees.