Special Events Insurance- Protect Yourself and Your Family

13th July 2010

Special events insurance can be costly, but it can also be the cheapest

thing you've bought for your event.  When you think about the things

your event policy will cover you for the price becomes a tiny fraction

of the money you have saved yourself in the event of an accident

happening during your gathering.  There is some initial cost involved in

the getting the insurance, but you will be saved from millions worth of

medical bills, legal fees, and ongoing disability payments.  No matter

what kind of event you are holding the right insurance is vital in

getting it off the ground without a hitch.

Special event

insurance is not only for public events like fairs and stores or shops;

there is even wedding insurance that helps to protect you from financial

ruin if there is an accident during the ceremony or the reception, it

covers the staff at the reception including the liquor servers, and some

companies will even provide cold feet insurance.  Sounds hard to

believe but when you think about how much money is spent on clothing,

rehearsal dinners, and meals for a wedding a lot of money can be lost if

one or the other partner chooses not to go through with the wedding. 

You can get insurance that will help you protect the investment you have

made for your future happiness.

Special event insurance usually

include host liquor liability coverage but there is usually a catch

here.  If there is any money exchanging hands for the alcohol the

insurance does not cover the liquor serving; open bar is covered, cash

bar is not.  This insurance can protect you against the possibility of

being sued as a result of an injury, or damage to property, or other

such things.  When you consider the amount of money you could lose in a

law suit as a result of damage or injury buying the insurance ahead of

time is a no brainer; all too often however people do not realize the

importance of the insurance until they need it and do not have it.  


event insurance is almost a necessity these days since it seems that

when people get hurt or lose possessions or money as a result of other

people they are pretty quick to sue.  Even at family events when there

is drinking, if someone gets hurt many people would still seriously

consider suing the host of the party.  Since suing has become almost

common practice it is even more important that hosts of these sorts of

events protect themselves with event coverage.  

No matter what

you are planning there is a coverage that is perfect for you, each

package will pay out in different situations and in different amounts.

Being sued is no laughing matter and should not be taken lightly, you

can lose your home, your vehicle, your job, and even your family in the

event that you are sued without any insurance coverage.  Protect

yourself and protect your family, get special event insurance.