Sporting Event Insurance Is Always Uniquely Tailored To Your Particular Event

30th April 2010

There is always an element of risk involved, in organising any big

event. And your sporting event insurance is an ideal solution, if the

worst happens, and anyone gets injured or their belongings become

damaged at your event. It is quite sensible to make sure you have an

appropriate policy in place, to protect yourself and your business.

Every policy is unique, and needs to be worked out ahead of time with

an insurance agency that specialises in providing sporting event,

tournament and league insurance covers. The policy also often extends

to provide sports liability for injury caused off the field.

Your sporting event insurance provides coverage for a tournament or

other type of event where teams, leagues and pro athletes are present.

This is a unique type of insurance, as it has to be geared to the total

costs of each individual event such as a golf tournament requires

insurance coverage for weather-related events that could result in

calling off the event.

• With an online insurance quotation

system, you will be able to purchase cover online for sports events

with up to 20000 spectators. It usually covers all sporting events

including charity sports events, football tournaments, cricket matches,

golf days, tournaments and car rallies, motor sports events, sailing

regattas, air shows and all sporting events with large public


• You can also get the insurance cover that would

extend to providing cover for you as an employer should your staff make

a claim, as well as cancellation insurance, which will recover the

money lost if the event has to be cancelled due to something beyond

your control, and in the case of a sports event this could be something

like poor weather.

• Your sporting event insurance provides

cover for damage to members of the public, caused by either you or your

business and also damage to the property of members of the public,

caused by you or your business. The cover might include sports

liability, workers compensation, business automobile (for

transportation needs) and group health for a baseball team or

individual sports injury insurance for a pro golfer.

Professional team management, officers and employees may also benefit

from this type of sports insurance policy. If an athlete is fired, and

sues for wrongful dismissal, sports liability coverage for directors

and officers can help pay for attorneys and court costs. However, the

general sports liability insurance offers cover in case a team player

or a spectator is injured. You must provide as much detail as possible

as this will enable the insurance broker can quite quickly provide a

quote which is suitable for you. You can also discuss any questions

regarding sports event or wish for a quote outside the online system

limits. Simply complete the sports event insurance form and a

specialist broker can help you with everything.


providing protection to the professional sportsmen who participate, a

comprehensive sporting event insurance policy may also provide

liability cover for spectators who attend a sporting event.