Sporting Event Insurance Policies Vary Considerably

28th June 2010

By getting comprehensive, flexible and reliable sporting event

insurance, you can overcome problems like financial loss, if anything

goes wrong, and someone gets injured or their belongings get ruined at

your sports event.  It is always a good idea to be on the safe side and

ensure that you have an adequate insurance policy to protect yourself

and your business from a disaster. Whether you are organising an event

or are a sports club, there are companies who can assist you to get

coverage regarding cancellation, personal accident, non-appearance of an

individual and contingency risks. As an organiser, always expect the

unexpected, as it’s not just the obvious catastrophes but many other

unexpected accidents that can be potentially devastating, as well. You

must think about insurance early in your planning and put it in the


• Sporting event insurance policies do vary a lot, so always check the

exclusions before making any decision. You may be able to extend the

policy to include the family members involved or taken out as a group

insurance scheme for the lives of the entire group. It’s quite easy for

you as an employer to take out a cover should your staff make a claim,

which will recover the money lost due to something beyond your control.

Some companies also allow you to name your venue as additional insured

and you might not have to pay any extra cost for this.

• Even if you already have existing insurance arrangements, always make

sure they cover events, particularly off-site. Don’t assume that you are

covered and discuss your details and requirements with a recognised

insurance broker before deciding what to do next. He or she will find

the coverage that will satisfy your various requirements, guide you

through the entire application process and will offer help and support

whenever you need it.

• Most sporting event insurance providers provide immediate, highly

competitive and far reaching cover. They offer convenient solution to

meet your needs and protect your business or organisation if it is held

liable for any mishaps or accidents. These providers will always ensure

that the per-occurrence and aggregate limits required by your venue is

in line with your event liability insurance policy. This type of

insurance is on the increase, and business owners are making use of

quick and easy online documentation to save time and hassle of going to

an insurance company and discussing information.

• With this insurance, you will be protected against accidents for

temporary and permanent disablement, damage to members of the public,

caused by you or your business or damage to the property of members of

the public, caused by you or your business.

• You may also get group travel policies for clubs, associations or

clients of sports management agencies.

The sporting event insurance is designed to clamp down on the worst

cases of corporate negligence.  You will feel confident with this

policy, even if an event gone wrong will not bring any big financial

harm to you or your company.