Stand Out From The Crowd With Custom Built Exhibition Stands

28th April 2010

Custom built exhibition stands are an important tool for any business

that seeks to stand out from the crowd.  The more elaborate that you

make your booth, the higher the chance that you require a custom stand

to fit your needs. While standard sized banner walls are useful, a

business seeking to stand out will try to make use of every design

factor possible to hold and keep the attention of their customers.

Because of this, a custom stand can do what other models cannot: they

can be crafted to fit your perfect design. This can take out a lot of

the guess work involved in establishing your design ideas.

The first step to ordering custom built exhibition stands is to know

what you want to do with your exhibition booth. This is the design

process. When you are building a custom stand, you will need to work

directly with the manufacturer to pick the design that suits your needs.

The design process will focus on the banners that you will be using

with the stands. By focusing on the banners, you will be able to pick a

design that works best for your needs. The stands will be designed to

fit around the banner layout that you decide upon. This allows you the

freedom to make a unique, attractive exhibition that is only limited by

your imagination and budget.

Because the process to order custom built exhibition stands are more

involved than premade stands, it is important that you give yourself

sufficient time for the order to be placed and filled. Because the

design process takes place before the stands can be manufactured, you

will need to go through the process of having a quote made for your

stands. The process of making a quote will involve discussion of the

preliminary idea. Your preliminary concept is what will determine how

the rest of the project. Before you begin the quote process, it is

suggested that you have several concepts prepared so that you have a

good starting ground. After you have obtained your quote, you will then

need to complete your creative choices and prepare your banners. Once

your creative for the banners that you need is completed, the quote can

be confirmed. At this point, it is possible to begin manufacturing of

your banners and stands.

If you have had custom built exhibition stands made for you in the past,

replacing one broken stand is possible so long as you have all of the

dimensions or the original plan of the original stand. Often, you will

need to return to the company that originally manufactured your stand.

This is due to the fact that they already have the schematics for your

specific stand. This can dramatically lower the time and money required

to get a replacement stand. In addition to this, if you purchase the

same model and brand of replacement stand, you should get an exact match

for your broken stand. If you have a no longer manufactured stand that

you need a replacement for, you can order a custom built stand to

replace it. The process for having one of these stands built is very

similar to designing new ones from scratch.