09th July 2010

Stock Displays Launch Revolutionary New 'Uni' System

Yorkshire based display system manufacturer Stock Displays are delighted to announce this month the launch of their all new 'Uni' range of displays.


based display system manufacturer Stock Displays are delighted to announce this

month the launch of their all new 'Uni' range of displays. 


revolutionary products include ranges of banner stands, panel stands and

exhibition stands. All of the ranges feature a strong, yet lightweight

aluminium construction and the tensioning system that holds the graphic panels

in place means that you get a perfectly flat display surface every time.


Uni Panel and Uni Stand ranges are completely modular, meaning that they are

incredibly versatile and suitable for any requirement – no matter how large or



Uni Banners, meanwhile, are available in a range of sizes and configurations –

including either flat or curved banner stands, and feature a choice of

accessories such as literature holders, tables and even LCD screens.


serious alternative to regular roll-up banner stands and pop-up exhibition

stands, Uni Banners are more cost effective, more versatile and the tensioning

system used means that they offer a flatter and clearer graphic display area.

What's more, they do this without losing the convenience and ease of use of a

roll-up banner stand – coming as they do in a carry case, and assembling in

less than five minutes.


flagship of the 'Uni' range is the fantastic new Uni Stands. Traditionally,

most businesses have had to make do with either a run-of-the-mill pop-up stand,

or else shell out thousands and thousands of pounds on a bespoke exhibition

stand. Stock Displays hope to make that a thing of the past, as businesses can

now pay a fraction of the cost of a bespoke stand, and still get a customised,

eye-catching display.


Displays offer three basic Uni Stand designs, available with four different

sized footprints. However, these are intended to offer companies a starting

point from which they can then work with the sales team to design their ideal

exhibition stand. With dozens of components and accessories such as tables,

lights, literature holders and LCD screens, no two Uni-Stands are ever the



Edwards, managing director of Stock Displays, said of the new Uni display

range; “We are proud to be the first company to offer a system of this kind in

the UK. I am confident that all of the products in the Uni range will be a huge

success; all of them are very competitively priced when compared to rival

display systems, and I expect that once anybody uses our Uni products, they

will not go back to the old roll-up or pop-up display stands.”


specialised in-house departments, Stock Displays can also offer a complete

design and print service.


new range is available now from Stock Displays' website – just visit www.stockdisplays.co.uk. If you

have any questions, or to request a copy of Stock Displays new product

catalogue, please call the sales team on 01302 802266.