Strong team delivers MediaGuardian Innovation Awards

26th March 2008

Logistik design and communication agency and Seventeen Events have combined their extensive event management expertise recently to deliver the first ever MediaGuardian Innovation Awards.

The ceremony took place at the Indigo2 venue at the O2 arena in London, with 350 guests from across the media industry.

The Awards recognised the mould-breakers, scene-shifters, movers and shakers in the media industry, with the finalists representing those innovators in media who act as a catalyst for change and inspire others with their forward thinking and disregard for perceived barriers.

As the awards represent the media innovations with staying power, Logistik and Seventeen worked to achieve an innovative and impressive event design for the awards’ inaugural year.

Logistik managed the production aspects of the awards and behind the scenes the awards were structured, controlled and thoroughly planned. Logistik paid particular attention to the identity, presentation and infrastructure ensuring the ceremony ran smoothly. It designed the graphics for the award ceremony to seamlessly join video, set and on-screen graphics, achieving a visually impressive information stream for the guests to follow.

Seventeen managed the overall project on behalf of Guardian Professional, a division of Guardian News & Media that provides communications services to professionals working in the media and public sector. As well as co-ordinating the entry process and managing judging sessions, the team from Seventeen was responsible for all logistics, venue, catering and entertainment liaison for the event.

“We are thrilled that, with Seventeen, we have created an outstanding award ceremony for Guardian Professional,” said James Wilkins, a director at Logistik. “The Awards celebrate innovation within the media industry and together we have used our own innovation and expertise to showcase this spectacular event.”