15th December 2009

Supply Kits for Magnetic Boards

When you purchase or order magnetic boards, you will most likely want to go ahead and get a supply kit for the boards as well.

When you purchase or order magnetic boards, you will most likely want to go ahead and get a supply kit for the boards as well. Most boards of this type today also double as whiteboards, and you should make full use of that, by having the right accessories on hand. While there are many different kits available, here are the things that you should expect to find in a basic kit. 

● Dry Erase Markers – Most kits contain at least eight markers, but some contain more. You will usually have two each, of four different colours. For each colour, you will have one with a fine tip, and one with a wider tip. With this said, however, most kits that contain a variety of items may have lesser quality dry erase markers included. You might do better to purchase a dry erase marker kit as a stand-alone, which will give you more colour and style options, with better quality markers. 

● Magnetic Boards Magnet Marking Pens – These are special dry erase markers, for use on dry erase boards. However, their style and quality is such that they can easily be used just as you would use a fountain pen or ink pen. This gives you more control of the writing. While there are a variety of colours available, when marking pens are included in a kit, the colour is usually black. These pens are easy to keep up with since they are magnetised, and they can be stuck directly to the board when not in use. 

● Magnetic Penholders – Magnetic pen holders attach to the board using a magnet, and the pen or marker can snap into the holder, so that it doesn’t get lost. These are usually used for marking pens that are not magnetised. While these things may seem insignificant, when you see the cost of marker pens, using special devices to keep up with them becomes more important. 

● Magnetic Boards Magnet Eraser – A magnet eraser is always good. Usually each individual marker will have an eraser on it, but it can take a great deal of time to do a large amount of erasing with one of these small erasers. You need these larger erasers. When sold as part of a kit for a magnetised board, the eraser is usually magnetised, which makes the eraser easier to keep up with. 

● White Board Cleaner – You will definitely need white board cleaner. You need to pay very close attention to the manufacturers suggestions for products used to clean your board, as some cleaners only stain the board, or can actually damage the surface of the board. Make sure that you are using the correct cleaning solution at all times! 

Other things that you might expect to find in a kit that you purchase with magnetic boards include a magnetic chalk tray, dry erase magnets in different colours, white board tape, adhesive lettering sets, and possibly double sided magnets. Depending on the type of board you have purchased, the hanging hardware should also be included. You will find that these supplies make it easy to take care of your boards, and that they also help you to use your boards to their fullest potential.