Tabletop Stands Are A Strong and Versatile Piece Of Exhibition Equipment

24th May 2010

Tabletop stands are an effective marketing tool for businesses of

all sizes. They can highlight your company's achievements in the lobby

of your building, share new campaigns at sales meetings, attract new

recruits at job fairs or showcase your company's community service

efforts at local gatherings and ideal for trade shows too. They are

fast becoming the most popular way for smaller companies to exhibit at

shows and for larger companies to showcase individual products or

services. It’s the flexibility of these stands that make them so useful

to a wide range of businesses and organisations, including schools,

charities, libraries and leisure centres. They also have a number of

other features which make them one of the best forms of exhibition

equipment you can invest in. Invest in more than one stands and you can

link both the stands and the graphics for a bigger impact, or use them

separately to distinguish one message from another. Benefits of

choosing a flexible stand are as follows:

• Most tabletop stands are strong and versatile visual elements that

are eye-catching as the focal point of your table display or as part of

a larger display. They are not only affordable, but very lightweight

and easy to use. This makes them far easier to transport and store than

traditional stands and means that you need fewer people away from their

desks when it comes to moving your stand from one place to another.

• You can quite easily create an eye-catching exhibit by making the

most of displays accessory options. Graphics are a great way to attract

attention to your tradeshow table top displays. Look for bold, simple

graphics that can create a central theme to your display. Because these

stands are quite small, always limit your graphics to a few images or

even one large image, and avoid graphics with lots of text.

• One of the biggest advantages with many tabletop stands is that they

can be erected by one person, because of their expandable system. They

can also be designed to make your space stand out from those around it.

Graphics are usually held in place by a combination of magnetic strips

and fasteners, all of which can be assembled by a single person if


• There are companies who offer many varieties of good quality stands

which are sure to fit your tradeshow and marketing needs while giving

you more for your investment.

• You can buy more than one stand if you are booking a larger space,

and still reduce your show budget by a considerable amount. If you are

on a tight budget, look out for the stands that you can use again and

again, and make sure you get great graphics panels that put your

message across as simply and effectively as possible.

If you need to attend important trade or public shows and you are

worried about the cost of exhibition stands, consider how tabletop

stands can give you the solution you need.