16th April 2010

Tension Banner Stands Can Be Rolled Up For Easy Storage

The knowledgeable marketing executive knows the value of tension banner stands.

The knowledgeable marketing executive knows the value of tension banner stands. Especially in a competitive or intensive environment, every tool that you can possibly bring to your aid is important, and a good banner stand is no exception.

At a trade exhibition, for example, you need to attract customers to your exhibit. A banner stand can be very useful in doing this. All you have to do is ensure that your banner is clearly visible from across the grounds. In this age of computer generated graphics there is nothing simpler than to have a good design team create some stunningly effective and highly professional graphics that will be sure to attract the attention of potential customers.

Of course you should not just rely on your tension banner stands to garner customers from the grounds of an exhibit – you need marketing teams led by dedicated team leaders scattered across the grounds who will actually engage customers – and potential customers, and subtly steer them towards your exhibits. And it can only help to equip these teams with smaller banner stands that will make their representations instantly obvious, as well as attract customers to them who are interested in a particular product. And of course the teams should also be equipped with a good quantity of promotional material – you can have them give out small giveaways – I would suggest that you equip the teams with smaller giveaways, and have the larger branded items sited at your main exhibit.

Another thing that large tension banner stands will do is to make it easy for your teams scattered across the grounds to point out your exhibit to customers – there is your banner, right next to, or above your exhibit, as large as life and just as obvious. All a team leader has to do when a customer shows interest in your services, is point them in the right direction.

Yes, that is all it takes – and the banner will lead your customers right to your exhibit. Indeed, what could be more simple. And this even if you do not consider the fact that a tension banner is so elementary to set up and take down again that a single employee can be assigned to it, saving you money that you would otherwise spend on manpower to set up the stand.

Not only are tension banner stands easy to set up, but it also can be reduced to a compact roll when you want to move it – this makes transportation of your banner effortless and cheap. It also makes the banner very versatile, as you can move it around if necessary – you  can even have smaller banners scattered over the grounds that you move from location to location, thereby ensuring that all the people who visit the exhibition are exposed to your marketing effort.

Of course, one cannot only rely on a banner stand to optimise your marketing efforts – you need to ensure that your main exhibit is just as impressive – perhaps with a custom exhibition stand. And you need to ensure that it is manned by your best people. But the fact remains that well designed tension banner stands will ensure that the maximum number of potential customers visit an exhibition you have taken so much trouble to set up.