The all new AEO 100, sponsored by, out in October

19th October 2006

The AEO 100, sponsored by, the UK's largest online directory and resource for the exhibition industry, will be publicised in the October issue of the EIA Standard magazine. The AEO 100 report and tables will also be posted on the AEO website and TSNN website
Trevor Foley, Group Chief Executive of the EIA commented about sponsoring the AEO 100 “It is great to have TSNN support for the ‘all new’ AEO 100. TSNN will greatly expand the reach and credibility of the report”.
Ash Ali, Caroo Media Online Marketing Manager, stated: “We're delighted to be involved in supporting this year's report. The exhibition industry is growing at an incredibly fast rate and we're very pleased to be able to help celebrate and recognize the hard work and commitment of both individuals and organisations."
The AEO 100 charts the top ABC audited UK-based exhibitions that were organised by AEO members in 2005. All the AEO 100 data has been collated by the AEO Research Department. The format of this year’s AEO 100 has changed dramatically in response to industry concerns. The tables now contain raw data as opposed to a combined net stand space and total attendance figure. The AEO 100 2005 contains three separate listings; Top 50 Trade Exhibitions ranked by Total Attendance, Top 50 Consumer Exhibitions ranked by Total Attendance and Top 50 Trade Exhibitions ranked by Net Stand Space.
In addition to the three Top 50 listings, the AEO has compiled further ‘spin off’ tables that analyse the AEO 100 from a range of perspectives. Examples of the ‘spin off tables’ include: 'Top Organisers by number of AEO 100 trade exhibitions ranked by total attendance', 'Top Venues by number of AEO 100 consumer exhibitions ranked by total attendance' and 'Top 10 Industry sectors involved in the AEO 100 trade exhibitions by net stand space'. These tables will be posted on the AEO website and TSNN website and its sister site will be the sponsors of the AEO 100 until 2008