The Benefits of Extending Tables

3rd December 2009

If you have

been comparing the cost of extending tables with the conference ones you may

have noticed that the cost of conference one is much higher. On top of this,

you may find that there are many disadvantages of those large conference ones

that don’t apply to the tables that extend. While the two different types of

tables serve the same purpose, one may be better for you than the other:

  • The cost is lower. As

    discussed, the price of these tables is much lower than that of the

    conference one. You can also purchase or lease ensembles that include the

    chairs and additional furnishings, which makes the cost per piece much

    lower, and makes it more affordable for you to totally furnish your

    conference area. Different styles have different prices.

  • Extending tables can be resized.

    This enables you to make it fit the room or the group of people that will

    be using the piece. Some tables have just one leaf, while others have

    multiple leaves – meaning it could be very large or very small as you

    desire. The more extensions that the table has, the more you should expect

    it to cost.

  • They have a portability factor.

    Because you can remove the legs and the leaves, it can be transported –

    either around your office or to an entirely different location. This isn’t

    possible with traditional conference ones. This alone is why many business

    owners will select this type of table instead.

  • Extending tables are suitable

    for any environment. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor event coming

    up, you can literally dismantle your table and take it where you need it. Even

    though they typically have very nice finishes, they can be covered for

    outdoor events. Typically, however, they are moved to different areas of

    the office, as the need arises.

  • The extensions are easy to

    store. When you remove leaves from the table, they can be easily stored.

    They are flat, and can be stored under other furnishings, or in closets.

    Traditionally, each leaf is not very big, in terms of length and width,

    and depending on the type of wood that you have chosen, they may not be

    very heavy at all.

As you can see, there are many benefits of extending

tables, and again, when you compare the cost, and include the multiple

benefits, you may determine that this type of table is what you need and prefer

over traditional conference furniture. As mentioned, they can be purchased or

leased, and a lease could actually make this piece much more affordable for

your business budget. However, these types of furniture generally cost less

than a thousand dollars when bought outright, whereas a conference table can

cost thousands of dollars, which means that you may be able to go ahead with a

full purchase, which saves money over time.