17th December 2009

The Best Choices for a Magnetic Notice Board

When you start looking for a magnetic notice board, you may be amazed at the choices that are available to you.

When you start looking for a magnetic notice board, you may be amazed at the choices that are available to you. You can select different sizes and shapes, different materials, different framing options, different mounting options, and even different customisation options as they pertain to what your board is pre designed with. Take a look at some of the options to determine what the best choices are for your company. 

● Plain White Boards – This is the most common choice for most businesses, because this is the most flexible type of board, in terms of how you will use it. You can also order plain white boards with invisible lines, so that you can easily write in straight lines, and you can make use of whiteboard tape to customise your boards in any way that you choose. Aside from plain white boards, you can also select lined boards and grid boards.

● An Encased Magnetic Notice Board – This is a good option if you need to protect documents or writing on the board. Glass casing is available, with locking features if that is required. Some businesses even have use for wooden cases, which enable you to close the casing to hide the notices inside. Not all businesses, of course, have need of special casing such as this. 

● Combination Boards – You can order combination boards, in a wide variety of styles. For example, half the board may be whiteboard, and half chalk board. Half may be cork board. Half may be one colour, while the other half is a different colour. Think about the options and how your boards will be used before determining whether you would fare better with a combination board. 

● A Panelled Magnetic Notice Board – This is a very popular option for businesses that need to display certain information, at certain times, without changing the information. You can add or remove panels as the information on them is pertinent, or rearrange information as you need to as well. Many different panelling systems are available today, and you can custom order your system as well. 

● Sliding Boards – Sliding board are extremely popular in classrooms, training rooms, and meeting or presentation rooms. This option allows you to have more than one white board in the same exact location, and you can slide the boards as you need to, in order to display information as you need to, without having to write the information over and over again. These are great for training purposes. 

There are many other options available in terms of the type of magnetic notice board that you order. Make sure that you take the time to talk with a sales representative to discuss your direct needs, and also take the time to think about how productivity, communication, and more can be better conducted in your business with the use of multiple boards as well. You may not know exactly how your business can benefit from these boards until you start looking at the available options.