10th May 2010

The Categories of Audio Visual Rentals

Audio Visual Rentals is a common requirement by the business sector and also for private events.

Audio Visual Rentals is a common

requirement by the business sector and also for private events. There is a

range of equipment that falls into this category such as, data projectors,

plasma and LCD monitors, audio equipment, televisions, DVDs, VCRs, sounds

systems and a variety of conference equipment. These rentals offer hire

equipment to meet everyone’s needs.

No one would notice the audio at an event

unless it is less than perfect or completely gone. It is a facility that seems

to be taken for granted and not noticed by most of the participants or

invitees. The role of an audio technician at an event is very important. In

order to enjoy it to the fullest it needs to be of excellent quality. The sound

systems and sound equipment used for the audio systems should also be of very

good quality. Finally, to complete the package for quality audio visuals, all this

equipment should be handled by a professional technician.

There are several options for Audio Visual


  • You can lease the equipment for a period of time if the event

    is going to be held for a number of days.

  • There is also a short term rental facility which is ideal for a

    private party, wedding etc.

Given below is a list of some audio visual

equipment which is available for hire:


DVDs, VCRs: Televisions are available in a

choice of sizes and the VCRs are offered with a range of different features.

You can choose them according to your requirement. Both, standard and

professional DVD players are available. Additional equipment such as TV and VCR

trolleys can be rented out as well.


Equipment Kits: This includes the rental of

audio equipment and public addressee sound systems. Most public addressee hires

systems will include one microphone and a stand. This Audio Visual Rentals are

available in kits which comprise of a professional sound system, microphone

connections, CD, or PC audio inputs, professional cables with all stand and



and Conference Equipment: Telephone conference

equipment is also included in this category of rentals. The equipment includes

camcorders, video cameras, electronic whiteboards, tripod flip charts etc.

Microphones: There is a range of microphones, especially those required for

conference facilities. Some of them are gooseneck, vocal and handheld

microphones. There are varieties to select depending on the type of


Lighting: Many may not think or expect a category such as this to be

included in Audio Visual Rentals, but it is an important requirement too.

Hiring of lighting adds all the glamour that is needed for your event,

especially if it is a night event. Here too there is a wide range such as

theatrical stage lighting, intelligent moving lighting, conference/meeting

lighting, LED/effect lighting, dance floor lighting, smoke effect lighting and

much more. The type of lighting that you would want to hire will strongly

depend on the type of event.

Hiring of this type of equipment requires

professional guidance which you will find at all online rental websites. You

can be assured that you will have the right equipment when you specify your

exact requirement.