The Chip and Pin Machine Is A Handy Little Device

8th June 2010

With a high quality chip and machine, you can really make your

business become more modern and efficient and invite the attention of

the public without spending a large sum of money. This little device can

be authorised and authenticated immediately, helping reduce card fraud

and potential and to be on target with your tasks and change everything

quickly and easily when you need to. You can either buy or rent the

device, depending upon your circumstances. It is available on short term

(from as short as one week) and long term contracts making them ideal

for any situation, can be rented for a month or three month period at a

very competitive rate. By renting it, you have to pay a monthly service

charge as well as any bank charges on top of it. It can however reduce

your ongoing monthly expenses, if you choose to buy it.

• A specially designed chip and pin machine is usually a two-in-one

payment device ideal for high-volume retail environments. It has a

solid, yet compact base unit, which provides flexible connectivity for

serial and Ethernet, and is resilient to withstand constant use and uses

minimal countertop space.

• The device is usually robust and rugged for the most demanding

environments. The pin pad with large backlit keys enhance its

user-friendly appearance, and minimises the occurrence of the pin entry

errors, altogether improving the customer experience at point of sale.

You also have the access to advanced web-based management information


• There are companies with considerable expertise in the chip and pin

machine and merchant account market, offering the very best merchant

rates. They can make things as simple and straight forward as possible

and even assist you in setting up a merchant account if required. By

utilising one of the fastest processors available for rapid transaction

processing, they offer safe method of accepting payments. They have a

friendly and fully trained staff are always on hand to deal with any

enquiries, can advise you on which options are best suited for your

company. These companies also offer a huge stock of replacement machines

and can replace your machine if it fails to work.

• Some devices are wireless and look really stylish, offering great

power and security, enabling merchants to accept card payments in almost

any location. Plus, you can also make use of the dual-user

functionality to provide fast and reliable transaction processing,

whilst customers will benefit from the user-friendly interface. They are

ideal for outdoor events, exhibition centres and hospitality areas or

for businesses on the move.

• Moreover, it is really easy to install these devices; all you have to

do is to just switch the terminal on and your ready to go.

A chip and pin machine is one of the most flexible and reliable payment

solution for merchants with limited counter space. It can help process

the transactions quickly and effectively, providing the merchants with

the fastest and most advanced solution available today.