18th March 2010

The Costs Involved in Hiring Conferences Organisers

Today Conferences Organisers are a much-required team of people who have proved to be excellent service-providers to the public and corporate sectors.

Today Conferences Organisers are a much-required team of people who have proved to be excellent service-providers to the public and corporate sectors. It is now a lucrative industry, with many companies found online. The Internet will provide you with a range of companies or persons who effectively take on the entire responsibility of handling conferences and events from start to end. If needed, these companies are also prepared to only offer individual services, depending on the requests of the client.

Before taking the decision of hiring such an organiser, a client might wonder how they would be charged for using the services of Conferences Organisers. Given below is a brief guideline on the charges of hiring such an organiser.

A client should always be assured that these organisers will always create good value for the budget that is available for the event. Generally the client will be submitted itemised budgets so that you can clearly see the costs involved for the individual sections. This will help those who only require splitting the cost into core items which are only essential and select options which can be omitted if budgets are tight.

Clients can also request for a general cost – it will be good to have a general estimate or a rough idea of the total expense, without going into all details of the conference. Conferences Organisers recommend clients to discuss a general cost as it be will be a good base to continue planning the event.

To obtain an adequate budget, the client will have to furnish all details and requirements of the conference they are planning. These organisations assist the client right from this stage to make a well-planned budget for the entire event.

Given below is a guide that is used for costing an event:

1)      Venue Costs
2)      Delegate Registration and Management
3)      Project Management

  • Liaising with the team – project planning meetings, ongoing communications etc.
  • Selecting the venue – visiting the site, negotiating and booking
  • Inviting Speakers and keeping them updated about proceedings
  • Conferences Organisers may need to organise the catering and beverages for the event
  • Accommodation for all delegates and transport arrangements
  • Preparing agendas and management of time frames
  • Budget reconciliation and working within the given budget
  • Preparation of delegate packs, and all other literature
  • Arrangements for all AV equipment and other related electronic equipment
  • Post-conference evaluations

4)      Marketing

  • Branding the event and designing a logo
  • Designing and printing of mailing lists
  • Preparation of invitation
  • E-mail campaigns
  • All other marketing related to the event

This list is always not the same of every conference; it varies according to the type of conference. Many conferences are combined with events such as gala dinners; exhibitions etc. and the cost will always vary when such events are combined.

Thus, it is always a good idea to work closely with the Conferences Organisers and discuss a general cost, after which you can choose which sections you would need to omit or add to fit into your event budget.