The Event Insurance Cost Must Be Included In Your Event Budget

4th May 2010

When you organise a big event, you are likely to have other things

on your mind than your exposure to legal liabilities, at that point the

event insurance cover comes in play. It doesn’t cost much and can be

quite suitable for exhibitors, providing valuable protection for your

company and investment, leaving you to get on with running your stand.

If the event at which you have arranged for space as an exhibitor is

cancelled for reasons beyond your control, you can have a sigh of

relief as you are covered for losses up to the sum insured. It will

protect you, if you face a claim for compensation payable to a third

party, following actual or alleged accidental bodily injury or damage

to their property, if the incident happens during your event.  It may

even be possible to extend the cover to include also fraud or

dishonesty on the part of any of the trustees or volunteers, etc.

Event Insurance can be a cost-effective package for a one-time special

event. You can either choose public liability cover, and can further

purchase an additional employers’ liability cover for your legal

liability for injury to your own and casual staff or volunteers.

This sort of cover is ideal for you, especially if a criminal action is

brought against you for any breach of statute or regulation directly

relating to any actual or potential claim covered under this section.

This cover also includes loss of, or damage to, the venue's buildings,

fixtures, fittings and machinery, up to thousands of pounds. You may

also get significantly higher limits depending upon your requirements.

Some event insurance companies would pay the defence costs incurred, in

order to defend an action against you. They provide cover for loss of

or damage to business property within the space allocated to you at the

event, which you own or for which you are legally responsible (for

example, hired equipment).

• This insurance is available to

give you peace of mind and covers losses for events which occur due to

unforeseen circumstances. Experienced event organisers know to expect

the unexpected and your business insurance may not be enough to cover

you if something ruins your special event.

• These policies

can be purchased for special events ranging from baby showers to

birthdays, graduation to retirement, engagements to weddings and

anniversaries. There are companies, who can offer single event

insurance, multiple event insurance or even annual event insurance -

whatever your needs. As the special event holder, you will most likely

be required to provide proof of liability insurance to the facility or

venue where you are planning to hold your special event. 


are occasions, when things can go wrong, even with proper arrangements

made for people attending a fair, a fete or a carnival, a specialised

low event insurance cost for your policy can then come to your rescue. It

protects you against the unforeseen, letting you bask in the glory of a

well-run event.