28th June 2010

Before The Event Legal Expenses Insurance Will Cover All Of Your Event Suppliers

A before the even legal expenses insurance provider will be able to understand your needs and deliver a product designed to meet your specific requirements.

A before the even legal expenses insurance provider will be able to

understand your needs and deliver a product designed to meet your

specific requirements. They are always keen to work closely with

solicitors, accountants, broker networks and underwriting agencies to

develop solutions relevant to their client’s demands and needs. These

providers are well experienced and can assist the clients to better

manage the risks, which they are facing. They provide innovative

sustainable solutions and insure against the legal risks faced by the

business community as well as offer clear and simple communication,

exceptional customer service and inexpensive products. You can rely on

these specialists for truly insightful advice and a cover that is

tailored to meet your specific requirements.

• Before the event legal expenses insurance advisers also specialise in

structured arrangements (through standalone or protected cell captives)

for intermediaries, affinity groups and specialist agents, providing

them with the opportunity to share in the underwriting results. They

offer vital underwriting expertise and capacity to fulfill the legal

expenses insurance requirements. Their unique products are made

especially for the clients’ needs. Most insurance brokers work closely

with distribution partners comprising of insurance brokers, trade and

affinity groups, insurers and professional organisations who sell and

distribute the products and services to their clients and members.

• In some cases, even if you may win your case but still be liable to

pay your own legal costs as well as the legal costs of the other party

to the dispute, particularly if you are at fault in some way. In

majority of cases the amount of any out of pocket expenses will be

payable regardless of the outcome of the case. In addition to that, if

the case is lost it is likely that you will be ordered to pay the other

side’s legal costs, which are not covered.

• Before the event legal expenses insurance normally includes motor,

personal and commercial legal expenses insurance.

• This type of insurance is quite easily available to both the

individuals and companies. You can get this insurance by either adding

cover to a household, motor or just as general commercial policy. The

cover may also be ideal for the other side’s costs for an event that has

already occurred, such as a personal injury, contract dispute or

insolvency litigation.

• It is no secret that legal advice can be costly, and often this can

stop an individual from seeking to enforce their rights. You must

consult an advisor prior to choosing an insurance company, to discuss

your requirements and conditional fee agreements. You may also take

advantage of the funding options that are available to assist with the

cost of legal work.

Most of the time, a dispute has a general principle, which is that the

loser will have to pay the winner’s costs. Before the event legal

expenses insurance allows access to advice and cover for the legal costs

of pursuing or defending certain classes of legal action.