18th March 2010

The Importance of Obtaining a Membership at a Conference Organisers Association

What are the aims of a Conference Organisers Association?

What are the aims of a Conference Organisers Association? These associations are built-up industry colleagues and those who are studying for or pursuing a career in the conference industry.

One needs to be a member to be a part of these associations; eligibility is based on experience and professionalism. They always aim to select the best and make sure that the association has a high calibre membership so that they can deliver the highest business standards in the management of all national and international corporate conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and any other special event.

If you are planning for an event of any nature, the ideal solution is to link-up with a reputed Conference Organisers Association and provide them all your requirements and information for the event. You can be rest-assured that you will have a perfect product delivered – from start to end, without you being burdened with the organising.

The aims of these associations are as follows:

  • They represent the interest of Conference Organisers and concentrate on increasing their profile and recognition
  • The benefits they provide are constantly developed and enhanced for their members, by creating opportunities for networking and by encouraging them to achieve the highest possible standard of excellence
  • Improve the standards of professionalism in the conference industry through the provision of education, training and personal development opportunities
  • Increase the volume and value of business won by members through a range of marketing activities

It will be very advantageous and resourceful for professional persons working in the field of event management to join a Conference Organisers Association. To become a member you need to fill out their detailed application, which can be got online. You need to first make sure whether you are eligible to fit into any one of the different types of membership they offer. Usually, full and associate membership is only open to professional conference and event organisers, and the membership in some associations is on an individual basis and not as a company. If you belong to any conference and event organising agency, or if you are an in-house organiser working in the public sector, corporate or any non-profit organisation or association, you are then eligible to apply for a membership.

Given below are some common benefits which are offered to members of a Conference Organisers Association. Depending on the association, benefits can always vary:

  • Attending any/all professional development seminars, annual conferences etc. free of charge
  • Have your name included on the official list of the association which is given out the potential new clients, other business leads and enquiries
  • You can promote yourself i.e. in business cards stating that you are a member of this particular association
  • Have the possibility of benefiting from the resources from the association’s alliances, such as other professional associations
  • Access to specialist services through the association’s partnerships
  • And many other benefits

    Obtaining an appropriate type of membership that is available at any Conference Organisers Association will help event organisers, progress and do well in this lucrative career.