The Perks & Benefits for Members at the Association of Conference Organisers

9th March 2010

Some of the aims of an Association of Conference Organisers are to help conference and event managers have access to a range of services, keep them updated on the latest methodologies of conference organising and event management, offer training courses to help increase their expertise and help improve the overall management of event and conferences.

These associations could be found online with all details of their structure, goals, objectives and requirements that are needed to obtain a membership. A common requirement of most associations is that members need to have experience in event management, and should be able to contribute their expertise as well to the forum.

Given below is a list of services provided by these associations:

? Online and Manual Registration Systems
? Event Websites
? Methods of marketing programs
? Business planning
? Media plans
? Budgeting and Cash Flow preparation
? Public Liability Insurances and Risk assessment
? Sponsorship Proposals
? Audio Visual Setup
? Theme selection and Set Design
? Room Allocations
? Exhibition Management
? Recreational activities
? Delegate Boosting
? Program Coordination and management of Resource Persons
? Publication/Brochure/Printing Management
? Financial Management
? Mailing List and Data Management
? Contract Guidance
? Total On-site Management
? Full Secretarial Service
? Venue Location and Contract Negotiation

There are additional services as well that are offered to members of the Association of Conference Organisers. These Associations strive hard to continue to develop a meaningful dialogue with industry suppliers and other groups on behalf of their members. Some of the additional services include:

? Dispute resolution between members and suppliers and vice versa
? Training and Education
? Individual and Company Accreditation
? Annual conference with low delegate fees
? Standard contracts and venues
? Member services marketing to potential clients and suppliers
? Marketing of accredited members to industry
? Options for Business and Event Insurance for members

For persons working in the field of conference organising and event management, it will be very advantageous to have a membership in any Association of Conference Organisers, as it offers all the expertise to keep yourself updated in this popular and fast developing field of event management. It also creates an opportunity to meet other personnel of the same field, where it can be educative to meet and share ideas and experiences.

Most often these Associations are also linked to other organisations that can be very resourceful for event management. Getting an exposure to all these avenues increases the knowledge and helps build one’s own expertise.

The membership by itself of these Associations is generally in different categories, depending on the amount of experience you hold, with some of the Associations having more than 10 different categories in the membership.

When you are an Association of Conference Organisers member, you have access to a great number of benefits. One such benefit is the facility of training and education. This is perfect for all those who have experience in the field of event management, without a suitable qualification. In some associations, you can either attend in-class training or even follow your selected course in distance education. Either way the Association will assist in getting yourself qualified and help enhance your career in Event Management professionally.