The Price of Conference Room Tables

2nd December 2009

When you start pricing conference room tables, you may be

shocked at the high prices. But before you back away and decide against

purchasing the table that you need for your business, let’s take a look at what

determines the cost of the table first, as well as options that you have to

lower the cost.

The size of the table has a definite impact on the cost. The

larger the table is, the more it will cost. Try to realistically determine how

much space you need for seating and working in your conference room, and go

with the smallest size that you need.

The materials that are used for the conference room tables

that are available also affect the cost. The most expensive woods are walnut,

maple, oak, cherry, birch, and pine. If you go with a composite or a

combination however, you will get a better price – and in most cases, your

clients won’t know the difference if the wood has a nice finish on it.

Composite woods are not grown – they are manufactured.

Composite woods include plywood, particle board, hard board, and medium density

fiberboard. Obviously, particle board should not be a choice, but plywood and

medium density fiberboards can be suitable for your table.

The finish of the table has a very small affect on the

price, in most cases, but some finishes cost more than others. Typically, a

cherry finish is more than an oak finish, but this is just a result of the cost

of the varnish and sealer more than anything else, and again, it doesn’t have a

major impact on the price. In many cases, it has absolutely no affect on the


The way that the conference room tables are designed also

matters. Special shapes, such as figure eights or boat shapes can affect the

cost. Oval and rectangular are the most common shapes for these tables, and if

you go with a common shape, instead of an uncommon or unique shape, you will

usually save some money. Of course, you must also consider any detailed wood

work that the table has, such as woodwork on the legs of the table. All additional

work of this sort will add to the price.

As with anything else, the brand name of the table affects

the price greatly. Your cheapest bet is to find the brand name table that you

want, and then shop for a cheaper knock-off version of the same table. They do

exist, and you will save a great deal of money. Again, in most cases – unless

your clients are in the furniture business or collectors of furnishings, they

won’t know the difference at all.

Of course, while you are considering the cost of the conference

room tables that are available, you must also consider the cost of the chairs

and other furnishings that you need for your conference room. You may discover

that you actually save money all around by going with a complete conference

room ensemble instead of purchasing pieces individually.