The Technicalities on a Data Projector Rental

11th May 2010

Many business organisations when organising

events such as conferences, seminars, work shops, exhibitions or any other

similar event, they opt to hire most of the required electronic equipment. Their

need is to project some data to a large group of people either in a business or

personal setting. Thus most companies settle for a Data Projector Rental online

or a supplier over the phone when hosting such events.

When considering this particular piece of

equipment there is a very wide range that you can choose from according to your



Data Projector:

All products of this category comprise of

XGA Resolution, including data and video inputs, plug and play connections.

These Compact Data Projectors are small and neat and perfect for travelling.

They fit well into your airline carry-on luggage. They suit very well for small

presentations such as boardroom meetings etc. Some rental agencies offer

special rates if your hire is for longer periods.


Data Projector:

This is another frequently requested

electronic device from a Data Projector Rental. This package consists of a

projector which is larger than the one mentioned above, but brighter and more

flexible. The Conference Data Projector will have inter-changeable lenses and

also a feature for long and short throw scenarios. The lenses need to be hired

with the projector as an optional item.

These projectors allow rear projection

applications with a reduced space requirement. This projector is ideal for a

small to medium sized projector screen.


Data Projector

The Event Data Projector hire package will

consist of an even brighter projector than the conference projector. It is

quite capable of working in areas with the available surrounding light. It

comes with a standard throw lens but you have the option of adding either a

long or short throw lens, depending on your need.

You can obtain the assistance of the

specialised consultants at the Data Projector Rental to help you in choosing the

lens, depending on the type of your event.


important points to provide to the sales person:

  • What is being displayed
  • The number of people who will be viewing the presentation
  • How the presentation will be viewed and heard – seating


  • The level of darkness
  • Distance of the projector from the display area
  • Size of the display area


basic considerations for a Data Projector Rental:

A data projector is equipped with many

audio and visual connection options and it can project onto any type of flat

surface. There will always be a suitable projector for every type of situation.

Some of the vital areas and initial considerations which should be discussed

with the sales person at the rental are the type of data you plan to project,

the distance of the projector from the display screen and the size of the

display area. When these basic requirements are discussed you will be provided

with the ideal data projector.

The sales representatives at the online web

store of a Data Projector Rental are efficient with knowledge and technical

support. They offer a “same day delivery” facility.