The True Benefits of a Dry Wipe Board

15th December 2009

There are many different reasons why you might consider a dry wipe board for your organisation, and there are many different uses for white boards depending on the size and type that you purchase. Here, we will take a look at some of the various benefits of using them within your organisation.

● You can reduce the potential for allergic reactions. Many people are allergic to chalk dust. This means that if you’ve currently been using chalk boards within your organisation, you may be causing some health problems for your employees, and possibly for your clients. Plus, you don’t have to worry about giving yourself or others goose bumps from the sound of the chalk on the chalk board.

● A dry wipe board is more professional than a chalkboard, and easier to use than an overhead projector. The writing is clearer, and much easier to see. You can use contrasting colours to make certain points, which will stand out from other writing on the white board as well. You can also quickly erase any problems or mistakes that may be made, and do it over again. 

● White boards do not take up much space – unless you want them to. They can be mounted to the wall. They can be portable and pushed around on casters. Small white boards can be held in your hand. They can also cover existing walls, or even become dividing walls themselves. You can also order specific sizes and shapes as well, which makes it very easy to get exactly what you need, for the space that you have.

● There is less waste associated with a dry wipe board. Instead of using paper for designs and notes, employees can use this board, and erase what isn’t needed, or isn’t conducive to the project. At a time when natural resources are becoming scarce and the environment is at risk, these white boards offer real life solutions to those problems, eliminating a great deal of waste. 

● White boards can be used for everything. There really are no limits to the uses for these boards. They are being used more commonly in classrooms. Smaller boards can be loaded up and taken to other locations. Large boards can be placed on frames with casters and moved around. They can be used for meetings, proposals, teaching, notices, training, designs, or anything else that you can possibly imagine. Because smaller white boards are not overly expensive, and they last forever if taken care of, you can even afford for each employee to have his or her own personal whiteboard in their office space or cubicle.

The list of benefits for a dry wipe board just continue on and on and there may be specific benefits associated with your business or your product as well. Remember that these white boards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and even materials. For example, if you would benefit more from a see through glass white board, but you still need to use magnets, you can purchase clear glass boards that actually use magnetic glass. You really are unlimited in terms of white board possibilities.