Things To Consider For Exhibition AV Hire

10th December 2009

If your company will be participating in an exhibition, and

you have video or audio that needs to be presented to prospective customers or

clients, you may have need of an exhibition AV hire. However, exhibitions are

very different from seminars or other types of presentations, and there are

special considerations that must be taken into account for these events before

you select the equipment that you will use.

  • Consider

    the length of time that you will need the equipment for. Some rentals are

    very limited, while others are not. If the exhibition will cover numerous

    days, the equipment that you rent may need to be moved and secured for the

    night. You will be responsible for the full cost of the equipment in the

    event that it is stolen.

  • Consider

    the venue for your exhibition AV hire. How will people be moving about?

    Will the equipment be in danger of getting knocked around or damaged?

    Again, you will most likely be held responsible for any damage done to the

    equipment. You must also consider the amount of space that you have at the


  • Consider

    the noise level. Will there be too much noise in your area at the

    exhibition for audio? Will your audio disrupt the exhibitions around you?

    Will there be problems with echoes and such? You must carefully think

    about all of these things, and choose equipment that resolves special

    problems, or change your audio video presentation to suit the action at

    the venue.

  • Consider

    the type and quality of the exhibition AV hire that you require. Again,

    sound and space will come into play with this consideration. How will your

    potential customers and clients view your presentation? Will they be

    standing in small groups or will they be seated in large groups? At most

    exhibitions, your presentation will be viewed in small groups. You may

    need to set specific times during the exhibition for your presentation, so

    that potential clients can plan to be at your exhibition area at that time

    to see the full presentation.

  • Consider

    lighting problems. Depending on the venue for the exhibition, there may be

    special lighting problems that you must consider, and you may need to rent

    equipment that is suitable for very light conditions so that there isn’t

    any unwanted glare on the viewing screen. A great deal of this type of

    equipment will require darker rooms, and this is something that you will

    most likely need to avoid when the equipment will be used at an


If you have carefully considered all of this information,

you shouldn’t have any problems at all with your exhibition AV hire. Just

remember that in most cases, yours will not be the only company presenting at

an exhibition, your space may be limited, and you may need specialized

equipment for your exhibition presentation. Talk extensively with the

exhibition organizers, as well as the rental company to determine what type of

equipment is going to work best for your presentation well ahead of time if