Things to Consider when Purchasing or Leasing Conference Chairs

2nd December 2009

Whether needed for an event or your office, you may have

cause to rent or purchase conference chairs. When you start shopping around,

you will very likely be overwhelmed with the available choices. While many

tables already include chairs, the chairs may not be suitable. In most cases,

you can split furnishing groups up. If you’ve found the perfect table, but the

chairs that accompany it are not suitable, you can usually opt to purchase or lease

the chairs that you prefer instead.  Here

are the things that you need to consider.

  • Do

    the chairs match the table? When you purchase separate chairs, it is

    important that they match the table, in terms of color and style. Don’t

    just look at the color! Often, the design of a chair simply does not look

    good with certain styles of tables. The height of the seat of the chair

    also matters. You don’t want your clients to sit down and have their chins

    bumping the top of the table. Make sure that the height of the chair in

    relation to the height of the table is suitable for people of average


  • Are

    the conference chairs comfortable? Comfort is everything. The worst thing

    in the world is for clients or employees to be forced to sit in chairs

    that are not comfortable for hours on end. Remember that comfort entails

    many different things, such as the amount of space in the chair, the

    material that covers the chair, arm support, and more. Chairs that make

    noise when people move about are not comfortable from a mental standpoint.

  • Can

    the chairs support people of all sizes? We are a very diverse world, and

    there are people of all sizes and shapes. There will most likely come a

    point in time when a heavy person graces your conference room, and you

    need to have chairs that can support their weight, as well as their size

    in terms of space. You don’t want to make your employees or visitors feel

    uncomfortable about their size.

  • How

    well made are the conference chairs? Some furnishings are just shoddy in

    their craftsmanship. How embarrassed would you and your client be if they

    sat down and the chair fell apart? Even if it means paying a little more,

    make sure that you are getting great quality in the craftsmanship. Cheap

    chairs usually do not have the quality that you will desire.

  • What

    is the cost of the chairs? Obviously, this matters a great deal to your

    budget. Again, these furnishings can be purchased or leased, and if the

    purchase price doesn’t fit into your budget, the lease price probably

    will. You might also consider purchasing used chairs, but you don’t want

    furnishings that actually look used. You would be better off leasing new

    exhibition furniture in most cases.


purchase or lease chairs based solely on how they look. If you make this

mistake, you will find that you have uncomfortable – unhappy – clients and

employees. Always look for style and comfort when shopping for conference