03rd December 2009

Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Exhibition Table

Now that you’ve taken the time to select the perfect exhibition table to display your pieces, you will need to get it all set up.

Now that you’ve taken the time to select the perfect

exhibition table to display your pieces, you will need to get it all set up.

You need to use as much care getting set up as you used in selecting the

display furnishings that you would use – otherwise, you’ve wasted a great deal

of time. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to make sure that

everything looks perfect for your event.

  • Do

    you need lighting? Hopefully, if lighting is required, you selected

    display furnishings that included lighting features. If you did not, can

    you arrange other lighting sources to get the light that you need? If not,

    you will have to move forward without any special lighting in most cases.

  • Does

    the exhibition table need any covering? Typically, these tables do not

    need any type of covering, if you’ve selected the perfect table – unless

    of course you selected the table with the intent to cover it. Naturally,

    you will want to make sure that the covering that you’ve chosen is

    appropriate for your piece, that it isn’t too long, and that it isn’t too

    short – or wrinkled.

  • Where

    should you place the table? This is very important. You must carefully

    consider the walking paths that your visitors will use. You do not want

    your table placed in a position where it will easily be tipped over or

    bumped into. In some instances, you will want to make sure that guests are

    not tempted to use your display table as a place to set other items, such

    as their drinks.

  • Is

    the exhibition table sturdy and in good repair? Before you place anything

    on the table, make sure that it is steady and secure, and in good repair.

    Double check to make sure that screws and joints are tight, as they should

    be. Are any screws missing? Take the time to replace them. You can

    purchase a small pack of screws from a hardware store that contain a wide

    variety of different sized screws. Bring the right type of screwdriver as


  • Is

    your display piece secure on the table? Once the table is set up, and you

    are sure that it is right, you will want to put the piece that you wish to

    display on it. Make sure that the piece will not tumble to the floor if

    the table is accidentally bumped, or if a door is slammed. Consider every

    possible scenario – especially is the piece is delicate, or of high value.


your exhibition table set up can take a bit of time and careful thought, but in

the end, the effort is usually well worth it. Not only is your piece secure and

safe, but it is also displayed in the way that you envisioned it – in it’s best

light, and in the perfect spot. Unfortunately, if you do not take the time to

get things set up just so, disaster could occur, not only ruining your display,

but also ruining your event.