17th February 2010

Top Tips of Custom Built Exhibition Stands

If your company is going to be represented at a trade show or similar event you might want to consider investing in custom built exhibition stands.

If your company is going to be represented at a trade show or similar event you might want to consider investing in custom built exhibition stands. But of course you wonder why a custom built stand is better than a run of the mill variety stand. So lets attempt to list the reasons why this is so...

Primarily, any event is attended by every company in the field – they must, or they stand to lose out to the competition. This means that while the opportunity to acquire new customers and enhance the company's brand profile is undoubtedly there, that opportunity is shared not only by your company, but by every company in the field. This is an opportunity divided, which could well turn out to be no opportunity at all.

Which is where custom built exhibition stands show their worth. Remember, events at a trade show can go either of two ways – either what will happen is that all the potential customers will be divided among the different competitors so that the customer base that each gains is hardly worth the expenses incurred by the trade show, or else, most of the customers at the event will be seized by the company that represents itself best.

Actually, the latter is what usually happens – one or two companies win, and the others lose. Remember that the customer is always looking for the best deal – as indeed they should. All you have to do is ensure that the best deal is represented by your company. And one way to impress potential customers is with custom built exhibition stands. Remember, if you do not dominate a trade event, you might find that not only do you lose potential customers, but customers that you might already be dealing with as well, as they are attracted to the 'better deal' that they might perceive another company to be offering.

To seize and hold the initiative at a trade show, you must take the initiative, and be boldly original. And you must use every means at your disposal towards the end you seek, both large and small. Lesser methods include banners that attract the attention of attendees, and build up your brand image and customer's awareness of the same. Of course, you need custom built exhibition stands. Also, your people need to hand out of leaflets and similar promotional material. Then consider giving out of branded goods at the event, that potential customers will take home with them and so familiarise themselves with your company image.

Yet all this is not enough. And why? Because your competition will be doing the same. So to be one better than your competition you need to make your exhibit at the trade show something that stands well above and beyond anything your competition has on offer. Do this, and the event is yours. And with that comes a potentially explosive increase in sales margins.

Custom Built Exhibition stands are probably the best way to conquer the crowd at an event that your company attends. This is because in the exhibition of this sort, a carefully designed and built stand is the epitome of your company. Quite simply it stands for your brand image, it represents your company and it will be the prime selling.