Tour de France lights up London

24th August 2007

The world’s most famous cycle race launched in London for the first time this year on 6 July with an impressive opening ceremony organised by innovision, with lighting supplied by PRG Europe.

The thousands who gathered were not only treated to the sight of the contenders setting off on their two-wheel odyssey, but also saw presentations, interviews, youth activity, as well as live music performances and choreographed dance segments.

The torrential rain that had been falling before and during the event could have proved disastrous, but PRG’s experience at handling such conditions meant that the lighting wasn’t affected adversely by the weather conditions.

“The luminaires were rigged on 3 July in anticipation of the celebration, and everything was kept under cover or in hoods, so there was no danger of anything getting wet – apart from the crew!” explained Loz Wilcox, Project Manager for PRG Europe.

Transport for London and partners planned for the Grand Départ weekend for four years and engaged innovision in August 2006 to help turn its plans into reality. The ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation), the owners of the Tour de France, said the organisation of the Grand Départ could not be faulted.