11th May 2010

Trade Fare Insurance Is A Fair Investment

Many businesses invest considerable sums in setting up exhibitions and trade fairs, and to not invest in a little fair insurance is the height of folly.

Many businesses invest considerable sums in setting up exhibitions

and trade fairs, and to not invest in a little fair insurance is the

height of folly. But why do businesses bother to invest such sums in a

simple trade fair? Is it not better to invest the same capital in more

important forms of advertising, such as television advertisements, for


And the answer is, yes, television advertisements do hit

the spot where brand awareness and sheer visibility are concerned, and

even if you invest in them, there are still excellent reasons to

support trade fairs. However, any trade fair represents a certain

deliberate investment of capital, and this investment is sure to bring

returns. However, you need to protect with fair insurance, just in case

of some disaster or lawsuit.

Before we discuss that point

further, lets talk about why a considerable investment is necessary in

the first place. Remember, the reason why companies pay so much

attention to trade shows is that customer density at a trade show or

fair is maximal. People at a trade show are people who are definitely

interested in your products, who have taken time off from a busy

schedule, just to be at that trade fair and look at your products. All

in all, I would say that a trade show is a marketing executives dream.


of course you must spend on a trade show, just remember to protect

yourself with fair insurance. Remember, there is just one fly in the

ointment, just one thing that spoils the near perfect scenario at a

trade fair to an extent, and that thing is that while all your

customers and potential customers will be at a trade show,

unfortunately, so will all your competitors. Which brings us to exactly

why a company these days spends so much money on these events – to not

do so is to invite failure and disaster.

Can you imagine the

effect of just putting up a simple stand with perhaps some elementary

banner when all your competitors have exquisite custom stands that

catch and hold the eye to an uncommon degree? And of course they

protect that costly equipment with fair insurance. Can you imagine how

your customers will flock to your competitors booth if you only have a

simple banner and he has an exquisite custom banner, lit by spotlights

– or perhaps even better, a blank banner with a movie projector focused

on it, so that the banner is actually 'alive'.

Obviously, you

cannot leave your customers to capture the field, you have to take the

initiative as well. And of course this means an investment – matching

you competitors move for move means a considerable expenditure, and

that expenditure needs to be protected by insurance. There are a lot of

insurance companies around, and they will cover not only your

equipment, in case of disaster, damage or theft, but also any expensive

products you might have on display, and even the hand-out branded goods

you might have in your exhibition stand as promotional material.


besides this, and perhaps just as importantly, they will also cover any

possible lawsuit that might arise from an accident, say by the collapse

of a banner stand, that might occur at the fair. Then there are fair

insurance policies that will also cover damage done to your equipment

in transit – always a risk factor, as you know.