06th May 2010

Trade Insurance Will Protect You At Your Next Trade Show

Nobody would deny the fact that trade shows, fairs and exhibitions are important promotional events for most businesses.

Nobody would deny the fact that trade shows, fairs and exhibitions

are important promotional events for most businesses. It is easy to

take part in any of these events, but it is much more difficult to

organise them. Under such circumstances it would be wise for an

exhibitor to get a trade insurance. A lawsuit is the least pleasant

thing for a business owner, and there is a high probability he or she

would have to deal with it in case something goes wrong in the course

of a trade show and a person gets injured or a property gets damaged.

Perhaps you think it is highly unlikely that an incident can happen

during a peaceful and interesting event like a trade show. However, any

place with a big number of people is potentially dangerous. Besides,

trade shows are typically used by organisations to advertise new

products. Sometimes these products turn out to be defective, and

somebody can get injured as a result of their malfunctioning.

Fortunately, there is a trade insurance to protect businesses in cases

like this from paying an exorbitant compensation. Besides, getting this

insurance an exhibitor protects not only his company, but also all the

show attendees as the compensation amount will be guaranteed in case of

an accident. For that reason it is not a rare case when a trade show is

not allowed without insurance that covers the visitors, promoted

products, building where the event takes place and so on. 

And it is not a bad idea to get the coverage as lots of advertised

products can be potentially dangerous. Even if they look rather

harmless, in any case everything can happen during performance. For

example, trade insurance will come very much in handy if a trade show

is specific to gardening equipment and tools. Lawn mower blades,

gardening scissors, saws and axes can be dangerous in case an

exhibitors drops any of them on the floor. And this is not the only

business field that can be potentially risky. For example, an

innovative ladder might not appear sturdy enough, and a person will

fall down, injuring other people as well. Or somebody can accidentally

set an exhibition hall on fie while demonstrating a new , innovative

barbecue set.

Of course, the probability of such situations should not be

ignored,that it why it is highly recommended to get trade insurance

before organising an event. When choosing an insurance policy, make

sure you will get coverage for everything you expect in order to

prevent any unpleasant surprise afterwards.

The terms and conditions offered by different insurance companies can

be different. For example, some policies protect you only from

liability related to losses of trade show exhibits and damaged

property. But very often they also cover event cancellation, weather

conditions and medical expenses of an injured person. You can get

insurance for a single event and also an annual insurance for all the

events you are planning to organise in the course of a year. So it is

crucially important to know what your trade insurance policy actually