Trade Show Insurance Is Required Before Exhibiting In Some Trade Shows

12th May 2010

Arranging a trade show takes a great deal of efforts, time and

money. Trade show insurance was specially designed to protect an

exhibitor from loosing large amounts in case an accident takes place in

the course of the event. Sometimes things go wrong, and there is no

ways to prevent that, but there are functional methods to get

compensations for all the possible loses. Insurance is in fact the most

effective method. 

In many cases it is even impossible to start one of these shows until

you get insurance that covers the building, all the exhibited

materials, participants and attendees. Under such circumstances, not

only business owner, but also all the visitors and staff members are

protected by this insurance.

So, if you intend to get a trade show insurance to cover your event, it

is very important to get the right quotes. Needless to say, the type of

insurance will depend on trade show, its size and the nature of

exhibited goods. For example, if the exhibition is dedicated to wedding

related goods, it is highly unlikely that an accident can occur as

everything is relatively safe.

However, the risk is higher at home improvement, gardening or cooking

events, that is why the insurance cost will be higher as well. And of

course if a trade show us connected with exhibiting explosive devices,

knives and guns, the cost will be extremely high, taking into account

the potential danger of using these things.

Trade show insurance will also cover your expenses in case a person is

injured due to an accident and starts a lawsuit against you. You will

have to pay medical bills and legal fees, and if you run just a small

business, these amounts can make a difference for you. There are cases

when a lawsuit even put an end to some companies, and this scenario is

definitely the one you would like to avoid.

As for insurance for the building where a trade show is held, it will

be much cheaper to get a premium for state of the art buildings. With

other buildings it will be not so cost effective.

You should not go for the first trade show insurance you are offered.

The terms and costs of the same insurance are different in different

companies. If you do not have time enough or are not sure that you will

be able to choose the most appropriate variant, it is advisable to use

the services of an insurance broker.

It is possible to get insurance only for one event. However, if you are

planning to throw these shows regularly, it is highly recommended to

opt for an annual insurance – in this case you will get a considerable

discount for the premium. Also you should consider whether you need an

event cancellation insurance included into your trade show insurance.

Sometimes you have to cancel an event due to weather conditions or

other unpredictable circumstances.

Generally speaking, with this insurance you can stop worrying and just concentrate on your event in order to make it perfect.