Tradeshow Banner Stand: a useful tool for the head of a marketing campaign

22nd March 2010

The tradeshow banner stand is a useful tool for the head of a marketing campaign or an executive entrusted with ensuring that a company's brand image grows in the course of a marketing campaign. Remember that a trade show represents a considerable opportunity that your company could cash in on if it makes an all out effort to do so. But why is such a powerful effort necessary. Well one of the reasons is that while a trade show is a considerable opportunity, it also comes relatively rarely – trade shows may occur just a few times in the course of your financial year. And yet they might be attended by a good percentage of actual and potential customers – which makes it crucial to cash in on the opportunity and to ensure that it is not wasted. And it's so easy to ensure that your company wins out in the inevitable competition at a trade show.

A tradeshow banner stand can certainly help you be noticed. Of course you'll invest in a large stand for the exhibition, and of course that will be your major selling point, but the humble stand is something you just cannot ignore. It will attract customers to your exhibit, thus maximising the number of people that visit your stand. Now this is a very important point – of course your main stand or stall and your dedicated sales force will do their best to promote your products with those customers who visit your main exhibit, but a banner stand does a job that is just as important – it attracts people from all over the exhibition ground, thus bringing in people for your sales force to work with.

Remember, a tradeshow banner stand comes in many different designs, and it's certain that you will find one that suits your needs and requirements. Stands can be retractable or modular, and even double sided. Generally speaking you should consider the intricacies of your marketing campaign, and the ultimate focus of your trade show before choosing the stand that will be best for you. For example, if your exhibition is going to be at night, there are stands that come with a low wattage spotlight to self-light them. And most of them these days are not only light in weight, but also retractable in some way or the other, and so portable. And this is a considerable advantage – it means you can position this tradeshow banner stand at different areas of the ground as an exhibition progresses.

Another point to consider is whether your exhibition will be indoors or outdoors – if it is outdoors, you should be certain to obtain a banner whose graphics will be resistant to the weather conditions – it would be a pity if a touch of unseasoned rain or even strong sunlight were to ruin your display.

Then remember that a retractable or foldable stand is easy to store so that it will not be damaged when the next exhibition arrives.

Just hold these simple hints in mind and you'll find yourself using your new tradeshow banner stand to attract droves of customers to your stall at the next exhibition.