22nd March 2010

Tradeshow Banner Stands: a way to be outstanding

You must remember to keep tradeshow banner stands in mind when planning your campaign for the next trade show that your company attends.

You must remember to keep tradeshow banner stands in mind when planning your campaign for the next trade show that your company attends. Remember that you need a cohesive campaign to win out in the competitive atmosphere prevalent at the average trade show or exhibition.

While all your competitors and most of your customers will be there, everyone will also be trying their level best to get a slice of the proverbial pie. This means that you need a strategy with several layers to it that will ensure that you acquire most of the customers attending the exhibition. Remember, if any one company manages to dominate an event and acquire most of the customers present at it, other companies inevitably lose out on the generated sales. And this is something that no company can risk.

So how can tradeshow banner stands help you? As has often been said, the core of an effective defence is a good attack – in other words, you prevent other companies from acquiring more than their fair share of the customers present at a trade show by going on the offensive and aggressively acquiring those customers yourself. A banner stand can play a key role in making such a strategy work for you. Let us take a closer look at how a banner stand can help you.

Of course the centre of your strategy is the main exhibition stand you will be using to showcase your products. Yet even here tradeshow banner stands could be of use to you. Now perhaps your main exhibit stand is a modular stand – perhaps it is even an expensive and custom designed stand that will be sure to impress and convince customers. This is certainly a good strategy, with just one flaw. And that flaw is this – to be impressed by your custom stand, people have to actually see it first – and for them to see it, you have to attract them from across the grounds of the exhibition.

This is where your banner stand comes in – easy to set up and retractable, good, well designed and reliable tradeshow banner stands can be set up with minimal labour, lit with a special low-energy spotlight, and will attract crowds to your exhibit.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while purchasing your banner stand. First of all, it should be lightweight, and perhaps portable. This will ensure that you need a minimum of labour to set it up. Another advantage of a portable stand is that it can easily moved to different points of the exhibition grounds to maximise visibility. And of course a very important consideration is that a portable stand is easily stored after the exhibition is over, thus ensuring that you have little problems storing it until it is needed again. Unlike a rigid banner, portable tradeshow banner stands that perhaps roll up will occupy a very small part of whatever your available storage area is, and will be that much less likely to be damaged and broken during the intervals between trade shows. And of course, generally speaking, your banner stand should be weather proof.

Yes, you can use these simple hints to maximise the impact of your strategies at the next trade exhibition or fair.