Trafalgar Square EA Games show case commands huge support

27th November 2007

A special platform was required for the EA Games in London’s Trafalgar Square, where the electronics games publisher was showcasing its latest generation of video games and consoles, and offering members of the public the chance to compete publicly with celebrities, such as Dizzee Rascal and Lil Chris, alongside hosts Dick & Dom of Children’s BBC.

The event, part of the London Games Festival, was produced by Live Nation, and used a double stage built by Stageco. The stages were linked by a catwalk, two band roofs (previously used by Johnny Halliday and Bon Jovi) and two extensive screen support structures.

Live Nation’s production director John Probyn felt that Stageco had performed an exemplary job under tough conditions. “Trafalgar Square is not the easiest place to stage an event,” he said. “It’s effectively a major roundabout, with listed paving stones and thousands of pigeons to contend with. Stageco were able to work overnight and were bang on time, which helped enormously.”