Twist Banner Stand: a new exhibition product, which is getting popular among business owners

19th March 2010

A twist banner stand is a relatively new exhibition product, but it is getting more and more popular among the business owners who visit all sorts of events like trade shows, fairs, presentations, exhibitions etc. as a part of their advertising campaign. Or perhaps by those who puts their advertisements in shop centres, waiting rooms, hotels lobbies, post offices and other places with a large number of people. Why do they choose this kind of stand? There are myriads of different exhibition stands available, in a huge variety of configurations, sizes, designs and colours. Yet a twist banner has some special features which cannot be ignored by a clever and far-sighted businessman.

The name of a twist banner stand comes from its ability to join two stands by means of twisted frames. This feature makes twisted banners exceedingly flexible: you can create any configuration you need. This is a crucially important point when taking part in trade shows as these kind of events are usually involve lots of participants and even more visitors, therefore they cannot afford giving too much space to each company representing their business. Under such circumstances it is vital to be able to use the space in the most productive way, and changeable shapes of twisted banners will come in handy. You can also regulate the length of your stand. In case you want to have a big advertisement, it is possible to keep adding and get a giant seamless display.

Needless to say, this is a considerable advantage of a twist banner stand over pop up banner stands, roller banners, panel systems and other types of exhibition products. Of course, all the materials of a twist stand are very light, that is why it does not take any effort to transport and relocate it if needed. It is also durable and reusable, so you can enjoy the success of your advertising achievements over and over again.

Using the achievements of modern technologies you can go further and get your twist banner with integrated lighting, audio effects and thin film transistor liquid crystal displays – it will help you to create a desirable impact. And no need to limit yourself only with that – you can get even a 3D effect with a twist banner stand.

Also, most of the exhibition stand manufacturers will offer you printing out the graphics for your banner. There days you can count on the best print quality, and thanks to the internet it is not even needed to pay a personal visit to a manufacturer: it is enough to simply upload the files that require printing. With a high quality original graphics your twist banner will be even more original, modern looking and stylish.

If you still have doubts whether it is a nice idea to build your presentation at trade shows and exhibitions around this kind of stand, you can always rent a twist and try it on. It is highly unlikely that you will be disappointed, so do not hesitate to invest your funds as well as expectations into a twist banner stand