16th April 2010

Twist Banner Stands Are An Effective Exhibition Stand

Twist banner stands are relatively new exhibition products, but their effectiveness has been already proven.

Twist banner stands are relatively new exhibition products, but

their effectiveness has been already proven. They were specially

designed to maximise the visibility of one's presentation at a trade

show, fair, exhibition, sale or any other events which involve a large

number of people. 

It is not always possible to get sufficient space while taking part in

a trade show, especially if it is held indoors – usually the halls are

strictly divided to provide space to as many participants as possible.

Under such circumstances it is very difficult to grab one's attention

unless you really have something special to offer. It is crucially

important to make use of every bit of space.

And twist banner stands give you such opportunity: you can build a

giant backwall display. Or may be not very giant – it is possible to

regulate the length of your presentation. Let me explain how this sort

of banners work. A twist banner makes it possible to link individual

sections together by means of a twisted frame. So you can keep adding

section, creating a big display along the walls or around the corner.

Or you can twist them to create another shape. In any case, with a

twist banner you will have much more printing space for putting all the

promotional information you have. There is no need to choose between

promotional message and logo design, contact information or description

of your services and products: with twist banner stands everything can

be arranged in the most efficient way.

And this is not the only advantage of these stands – they are also

light weight and easy to carry and transport.  When you think of such

giant printing areas the first thing you have in your mind is a bulky

construction of a huge stand, heavy and composite, which requires some

special skills to be assembled and disassembled.

In case of twist banners it is not so. The whole process of setting up

will take you a few minutes or even less, and you can easily do it

alone or with the help of any employee of yours. Twist banners are

compact and portable: there is no need to hire a vehicle to relocate

your stand from one event to another.

Twist banner stands comes with additional accessories in case you want

to enhance the effect: for example you can order a banner with a built

in system of lights. It will make it possible to show your display even

in the evening time in the course of outdoor venues.

Yes, there is not need to restrict yourself visiting only trade show:

there is so many different events which gather crowds of people. 

Football matches, music festivals, sales at the shopping centres – ell

these events have a big potential to make your promotional campaign

more successful, and your business – more profitable.

Audio effects are possible as well, and you can even use the elements

of animation instead of static display. With the help of new

technologies any banner becomes even more effective than you expected

it to be.

Twist banner stands have all the key features to bring your promotional campaign on a new level.