Twist Banner Stands Are One Of The Newest Types Of Exhibition Stands

12th May 2010

The twist banner stands are probably the newest display system

available. These stands would allow you to communicate your message to

the exact audience at the exact time it can be the most effective. They

can play an important role in the success of any business and help to

promote any product or service. These tools offer long visibility, easy

communication with customers and help businesses such as shops, offices

and other commercial entities to attract customers and generate more

business and will create a favourable impression on many of them. These

stands can be designed to improve communication in the everywhere and

are recommended for use in shopping centres and supermarkets.

The twist banner stands are an innovative banner stand aimed at

creative professionals, who want to incorporate unique display wall

shapes into their artwork design. They could have been included in the

general banner stand section but they are much more than a traditional

exhibition stand that many companies have put it in a section all on

its own.

• These stands are designed to be easily portable

and can be used as a single roller exhibition stand or it can be linked

together with other twist banner stands to create a seamless graphic

wall of unlimited length. They are also quite unique because these

linking banner stands give you the option of not only linking these

banners together to form a seamless graphic display, but also the

option of using the new flexi link graphic which enables you to bend

your graphic wall into almost any shape. This is because the system

links two twist banner stands with the Flex link panel allowing you to

form a controlled curve to the angle you require. The patented

tensioning system however, ensures a taut and straight graphic each


• The twist banner stands are compact, light weight and

very agile. Each one of them also comes with exhibition lighting, carry

case and metal stand. There are patented designs so you can link

individual units together to make seamless back wall displays of any


• The polyester coated material displays vivid

graphics with the highest colour definition. All stands come complete

with their own integrated lighting system and can be used single,

double sided or even double skinned.

• You can use a twist

media stand that will incorporate a media screen into your exhibition

stand for a really effective display. Multimedia presentations have the

potential to drastically increase the traffic to your stand and make

your banner stand really stand out from the crowd.

The twist

banner stands allow much more economical method and help to keep

looking modern yet practical. In this way, you will be more likely to

be on target with your tasks and change everything quickly and easily

when you need to. When it comes to generating repeat exposure to an

audience, then these stands are one of the most cost effective,

convenient and efficient, as compared to many other types of

advertising. They can help any business to target their consumers in an

efficient manner.