Twist Banner Stands will help you to expand the horizons of your promotional campaign

19th March 2010

Twist banner stands will help you to expand the horizons of your promotional campaign while taking part in trade shows, exhibitions, presentations and fairs. They are unique and refreshing, and you will have much more chances to catch the attention of a potential client with an original solution offered by a twist banner.

Of course, it is possible to be creative and original even with a conventional stand, using a nice design of the graphics and all sorts of special effects. But why limit yourself only with that? If you want a big display product that can be adjusted into any shape – do not hesitate to try one of the twist banner stands.

As you can make out from the name of this stand, it can be twisted into different formats, unlike the ordinary pop ups that remain static. You can opt for strict shapes with right angles, or you can choose even curve lines – do not be afraid to be original, it is always nice to be different from your competitors. You can even build some kind of walls out of your banner to separate an area of your presentation from the rest of the space in a trade show. Surely it will add a professional touch to your arrangements and you will be able to represent your company in best possible light. A giant seamless canvas is perfect for displaying your graphics and artwork, and there is not need to print and display them separately.

In case you want to create even greater impact, twist banner stands can be improved with the help of modern technologies. It is possible to decorate your stand with integrated lighting, to add some sound effects (if this is acceptable within certain events), or to make your advertisement animated with the help of TFT displays. Also, if you want to overshadow you competitors and leave them without chances to be noticed, go for a 3D effect for your banner.

Needless to say, this kind of stands is light weight like most of the banners. In spite of its big size it can be easily carried by one person and the same can be said about installing and dismantling twist banner stands. There is no need to hire any additional labourers when you plan your participation in a trade show – everything can be done within minutes by you or any employees of yours. Or perhaps you prefer to pay more attention to organisational questions – in this case you can hire a brigade of professionals to set up your presentation, but this is up to you, there is always a choice.

Perhaps you are preoccupied with storing your banner, but in spite of changeable shapes and big sizes it is possible to make it very compact. You will not have to occupy too much space storing twist banner stands – each of them fits into a special carrying bag.

Considering all the advantages of this stand, it is difficult to resist buying it at once, it will definitely make the difference when it comes to advertising your goods and services.