Use A Compact Sidewinder Banner Stand With Reusable Display

6th May 2010

A sidewinder banner stand

is a

highly versatile item, especially when you are relying on the perfect


show or exhibit booth to market your business or product. It is part of


great marketing strategy used by many promoters, who are looking for a

lightweight, highly portable, compact, and reusable display. You can

change it

over and over again in many combinations into numerous shapes

and sizes, which

will help you adapt to your

changing needs. It provides the perfect solution for a low cost,


display and has been a successful promotion tool and an important part

of most

marketing plans for many businesses. If you have a product demonstration


need to get across, then this item can be quite effective in catching


attention and draw the eye to the message.

  • A

    sleek and stylish looking sidewinder banner stand is available in five

    different widths with single or double sided options. It is usually


    from lightweight aluminium and other hard wearing materials. The

    composition of

    the material and design ensures it is resistant to any knocks and

    scrapes and

    is therefore, less likely to break or fall whilst in use.

  • It

    can be either single sided or double sided with sleek satin anodised casing and pole

    set. The graphic

    panels are quite tough and stay scuff and mark free and keep their shape


    colour. The graphic signage panel can be printed with different design.


    designs usually include a business brand (logo, business name and strap


    a message, and a product or service image.

  • A

    sidewinder banner stand is an extremely versatile, innovative, is of


    value for your special event and extremely quick and simple to set up as


    It is very tough and can withstand many years of international



  • This

    item is portable and is supplied with a carry bag making handling

    easier. The units

    collapse into their protective casing when inactive and fit in car


    aircraft and train overhead storage. You just have to simply roll out


    graphic and set the system up in seconds and can add impact and

    uniqueness to

    your marketing messages by using one of these items. It is manufactured

    in a

    variety of widths to suit your needs.

  • It

    is quite ideal for trade shows, fairs, conventions, foyers, national


    expos, showrooms, receptions, retail shops, hotels, museums,


    conferences and other forms of promotional advertising.

When it comes to

generating repeat

exposure to an audience, then the sidewinder banner stand is one of the


cost effective, convenient and efficient as compared to many other types


advertising. It offers a great deal of possibilities to get a message

communicated. This item is an integral part of communication between the

company and its customers designed to drive sales at exhibitions. This

tool can

be designed to give you visual appeal, flexibility and a wide range of


bearing capacity and allow a great way to enhance your trade show